The Small Animal Imaging Center Shared Resource (SAISR) is a state-of-the-art, small animal imaging facility available to investigators at OSUCCC–James as well as to other academic and commercial institutions. 

Services include:

NEW SERVICE: Magnetic resonance microscopy (MRM) for evaluating phenotypic differences in embryos of genetically engineered mice. This technique can be used to obtain an isotropic 3D MR image of an embryo at a spatial resolution on the order of 30-40 microns. MRM can be performed on the sample prior to histologic staining of the sample and will complement the pathology review provided by the Comparative Pathology and Mouse Phenotyping Shared Resource.

High-Resolution Image Data Acquisition
The SAISR provides high resolution anatomical and functional imaging of rodent models of disease and ex vivo specimens. Technicians and imaging scientists trained in the use of the specialized image acquisition equipment will collect high quality image data for individual investigators. In-house training of investigator’s laboratory personnel in use of the imaging equipment is also available to those groups who demonstrate a specific need for extensive imaging studies.

Data Interpretation
The SAISR experts help investigators interpret images obtained from the facility’s instrumentation. Our associates are experienced in distinguishing normal and abnormal features in live animal in vivo images, and have the training and background to identify imaging artifacts from real results. Investigators are encouraged to review their results and data interpretation with SAISR personnel upon imaging study completion.

Image Post-Processing amd Quantitative Image Analysis
The SAISR offers quantitative image analysis, and each imaging instrument has modality-dependent image analysis software. Additional image analysis and data interpretation is provided via open-source image analysis software and custom-designed software developed by the SAISR and OSC.

Consultation on Design Imaging Studies
The SAISR’s imaging scientists can help design imaging studies for each investigator’s specific research applications. We recommend contacting a SAISR representative prior to setting up an imaging study to determine the most appropriate imaging modality and protocol for each small animal imaging study.

Training and Education
The SAISR provides hands-on training for individual imaging modalities and workshops on image acquisition and data analysis. We also provide seminars on specific research topics in small animal imaging.  

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