The work in the SPORE is supported by three outstanding cores with involvement at both institutions dedicated to supporting research at both SPORE locations and integrating efforts between OSUCCC and MDACC.

Core A: Integrated Clinicopathology and Biorepository Core

Co-Leaders: John Phay, MD and Rebecca Nagy, MS, CGC at OSU; Adel El-Naggar, MD (MDACC)
This Shared Resource Core is required by the SPORE as a Biospecimen and Biorepository Core. However, we have also chosen to incorporate clinical expertise into the Core under the leadership of combined with pathology expertise at both institutions, Dr. Adel El-Naggar and Dr. Paul Wakely, Jr. We believe that this innovative approach to fully integrate pathology and laboratory samples with clinical information and databasing is crucial to allow for maximal core impact on the Projects and on thyroid cancer research. It is the strong belief of the SPORE that upfront collection of detailed clinical information as allowed by IRB-approved protocols is essential to facilitate translational research. This principle has been utilized by our groups and we believe this maximally allows for rapid translation of research into the clinic.

Core B: Biostatistics Core

Leader: Soledad Fernandez, PhD
Core B will provide biostatistical and bioinformatics analysis support to each of the projects as well as to investigators selected for Developmental Research or Career Development Projects. The approach of this Core has been to be involved in the experimental design of both laboratory and clinical studies to ensure robust and rigorous initial study design to appropriately test hypotheses. Dr. Fernandez is the Director of the OSUCCC Shared Biostatistical Resource and leads a team of statisticians who bring skills for specific types of analyses to the group. Our approach has not been to include individual biostatisticians in each Project, but rather to have the core provide these services and support personnel for this critical work. It is our philosophy that full integration and consistency in analysis is essential to the overall success of the SPORE, therefore all statistical analyses in all Projects at both sites will be performed with Dr. Fernandez and her group at OSU.

Core C: Administrative Core

Leader: Matthew D. Ringel M.D. (OSUCCC); Co-Leader: Gilbert Cote, PhD (MDACC)
Core C will serve a primary integrative role for the SPORE with a goal to facilitate the success of each individual Project in all components. The Director of the Administrative Core, Dr. Ringel, to core leader, has extensive experience in this area from other multicenter grant leadership roles. Dr. Gilbert Cote will serve as the lead for the Administrative Core at MDACC. The Core will arrange an annual meeting of SPORE investigators to facilitate scientific exchange, component review, investigator interactions, and progress review. This meeting will include the internal and external SPORE Advisory Boards and will lead to creation of annual progress reports to the NCI as well as the participating institutions. Core C will assist with budget reviews and analysis to ensure efficient and appropriate use of funds, and will organize and maintain a secured website and arrange regular multi-site teleconferences and web-based presentations. The Core will also assist the Developmental Research and Career Development Programs (see below). In addition, the core will facilitate interactions between Project Co-Leaders as well as Core Co-Directors at both participating institutions. This will include physical meetings between the Core Director and Project and Core Co-Leaders at both OSUCCC and MDACC. Core C will function with the existing structures at both OSUCCC and MDACC but will focus on SPORE-specific issues that are beyond the scope of the general Shared Resource Cores at the two institutions including supporting and encouraging inter-SPORE collaborations.

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