The multidisciplinary approach of melanoma specialists at OSUCCC-James provides patients access to leading edge prevention, detection, diagnosis and treatment. Our research is helping uncover the root causes for melanoma, helping prevent the disease and to treat it more effectively after onset.

Our specialized teams collaborate in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of common and rare skin cancers. Treatment options include surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, interferon therapy, Mohs surgery and other new and emerging experimental therapies. Our team of plastic surgeons dedicated to reconstruction after cancer surgery compliment our melanoma experts offering the most comprehensive service possible to our patients.

Current research studies include:

  • Finding immunological approaches to help organ transplant patients fight skin cancer
  • Developing a vaccine to help slow or stop the growth of malignant melanoma
  • Examining the use of a new drug to inhibit growth of malignant melanoma

Learn about clinical trials, ongoing research and our team of skin cancer experts at the links below.

Clinical Trials
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