James Nursing Shared Governance


The James Nursing Shared Governance councilor model is based on the belief that decisions made closest to the point of care delivery will result in positive patient, staff and system outcomes. This shared decision-making structure consists of Unit Councils, the Unit Collaboration Council, Central Councils and a Coordinating Council. The interlocking councils create a unified platform that supports and upholds the community of nursing. James nurses have a strong voice in decision-making and control the delivery of nursing care. Each nurse is a transformational leader who accepts responsibility, accountability and authority within professional practice domains.

Coordinating Council
Integrates, and monitors the activities of the James Nursing Shared Governance Councils and may mediate unresolved issues within or between councils.

Clinical Practice Council
Defines, implements, and maintains the James standards for clinical nursing practice consistent with national, state and community standards of practice. Standards of nursing practice shall be clearly defined and shall provide a framework for clinical nursing practice.

Magnet Council
Has oversight responsibility for achievement and maintenance of the American Nursing Association’s Magnet Recognition for James Nursing.

Management Council
Defines, implements and maintains the standards for nursing management, practice and resource allocation and utilization.

Professional Development Council
Promotes clinical competency standards by developing staff educational programming to meet professional expectations.

Nursing Quality and Patient Safety Council
Maintains authority and accountability to promote and ensure the provision of the highest quality and safe patient care throughout the continuum for all patients.

Research Council
Establishes and fosters the development of nursing research priorities care outcomes. It also facilitates and advises nurses in the development, application, publication, and presentation of nursing research and other scholarly activities.

Midlevel Provider Council
Defines, implements and maintains The James standards for practice and management for mid-level providers consistent with national, state and institution standards of practice.

Unit Councils
Provide a structure for problem-solving and decision-making at the unit level. Unit councils will plan, improve and maintain quality patient care within the unit.

Unit Collaboration Council
This council, whose membership will include all unit council chairs, will initiate change and facilitate culture-shaping through mentorship and education to strengthen the framework and outcomes of all unit-based councils.

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