Martha Morehouse Outpatient Care

The James at Martha Morehouse Outpatient Care

The James at Martha Morehouse Outpatient Care is an outpatient clinic and infusion facility for OSUCCC – James cancer patients.


Services for The James at Martha Morehouse Outpatient Care

At The James at Martha Morehouse Outpatient Care, OSUCCC – James doctors provide outpatient supportive services for patients with endocrine cancers, gastrointestinal cancers, skin cancers, and voice and swallowing disorders. In addition, The James at Martha Morehouse Outpatient Care provides palliative care and survivorship clinics and services for all patients.

-Anal Cancer

-Colon Cancer

-Endocrine Cancers

-Gastrointestinal Cancers

-Liver Cancer



-Parathyroid Cancer

-Pituitary Tumor

-Rectal Cancer

-Skin Cancers

-Small Intestine Cancer

-Squamous Cell Carcinomas

-Thyroid Cancer

Outpatient Services:


The chemotherapy program at The James provides leading-edge cancer treatment in a caring, supportive environment of world-class medical expertise, education and translational research. Chemotherapy uses specialized drugs to attack and kill cancer cells.


Clinical Trials

For cancer patients, clinical trials mean hope. Hope in a cancer-free world and in better, more targeted ways to prevent, detect, treat and cure individual cancers. The OSUCCC – James has more than 500 open clinical trials at any given time, with some of the world’s latest discoveries available to clinical trial patients right here in Columbus, Ohio. In fact, patients have access to more cancer clinical trials here than at nearly any other hospital in the region, as well as access to some of the most advanced, targeted treatments and drugs available.


Financial Counseling

The OSUCCC – James can work with you and your family to obtain appropriate financial assistance during your cancer treatment.


Genetic Counseling

Visit with a genetics expert to determine cancer risk for you and your loved ones. 


JamesCare for Life

JamesCare for Life programs are designed to work with the health care team to improve overall wellness of patients and their families following a cancer diagnosis. Programs are open to cancer survivors and caregivers.




Medical Oncology


Medication Assistance

Find out how the OSUCCC – James can help with medication assistance and provide free or reduced-cost medicines for patients with limited income during your cancer treatment.


Nutrition Education

Discover how to maintain a nutritious diet before, during and after cancer treatment from the nutrition experts at the OSUCCC – James.


Palliative Care

Any OSUCCC – James cancer patient can ask to be referred to the Palliative Care Center to obtain expert pain and/or symptom management for treatment of symptoms related to their cancer or the treatment of their cancer. Staff at the Center for Palliative Care can assist families with communication, help with decision making and help establish goals of care for their cancer care.




Quality of Life Coaching


Radiation Oncology

The Department of Radiation Oncology at the OSUCCC – James provides leading-edge radiation therapy care in a supportive environment of world-class oncology expertise, education and translational research.


Robotic/Minimally Invasive Surgery

OSUCCC – James physicians were the first in the country to perform surgery with the da Vinci® robot and have been leading the field ever since. Performing roughly 1,600 robotic surgeries a year, we have the most experienced robotic surgical team in Ohio, and we offer the most comprehensive robotics program.


Social Work

The OSUCCC – James provides social services for you and your family before, during and after cancer treatment.


Surgical Oncology

The surgery program at the OSUCCC – James provides leading-edge cancer treatment in a supportive, multidisciplinary environment of world-class surgical expertise, education and translational research.



In addition to palliative care services, the Survivorship Clinic offers rehabilitation including physical and occupational therapy, dietary counseling, genetics, art therapy, emotional counseling, music therapy, spiritual counseling and JamesCare for Life programming.


Voice and Swallowing Clinic

This clinic provides services for specific voice and swallow disorders, including laryngeal, lip and oral cavity, and oropharyngeal cancers. Additional services are provided for non-cancer patients who have need of voice and swallow therapy or support for singing health.

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