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The Medicinal Chemistry SR analyzes, synthesizes small-molecule agents

The Medicinal Chemistry Shared Resource (MCSR) integrates synthetic and process chemistry, instrumental analysis, molecular pharmacology and other disciplines to provide medicinal chemistry support to investigators at the OSUCCC-James and other academic and commercial institutions.

Services include the following:

  • Consultation and general medicinal chemistry. The MCSR can determine the chemical stability, commercial sources, and purity of commercial chemical agents. NMR and mass spectrometric analyses are used to determine the identity or purity of chemical agents. For agents in tablet form, the MCSR can isolate the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) with high purity.
  • Custom synthesis. The MCSR can synthesize agents that are unavailable from commercial sources, after determining that synthesis is feasible.
  • Lead optimization. MCSR will identify strategies for structurally optimizing promising lead agents.

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