Experimental Therapeutics Program Has Space to Call Its Own

The move is another step toward an Ohio State drug-discovery institute

The burgeoning OSUCCC – James efforts in drug discovery and design took a significant step forward in May when investigators in the cancer center’s Experimental Therapeutics Program began occupying new space on the fourth floor of the 12th Avenue Biomedical Research Tower.

The 25,640 sq. ft. area – nearly 80 percent of which is laboratory space – is the research program’s coordinating center, says Michael Grever, MD, co-leader of the Experimental Therapeutics Program and professor and chair of the Department of Internal Medicine. “This new space is designed to be a hub for new ideas and improved strategies for the treatment of cancer.”

The drug discovery and development unit is ideally located between Ohio State’s new James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute and College of Pharmacy, and across the street from the research laboratories of the Dorothy M. Davis Heart and Lung Research Institute.

“Our location helps us tap into the expertise and talents of a range of people on campus who are interested in drug development,” Grever says.

Overall, the ExperimentalT herapeutics Program is composed of more than 50 clinical and laboratory investigators from 16 departments within Ohio State’s College of Medicine and College of Pharmacy. Only a portion of them are housed in the new area. Research under way in the unit includes work in epigenetic therapeutics, biomarkers and targeted therapies for lung cancer, and development of a natural-products anticancer agent. It also houses an office for the cancer program’s emerging drug development program, and space is reserved for the recruitment of new investigators involved in experimental therapeutics research. Embedded in this research area are three key supporting core services:

  • The Medicinal Chemistry Shared Resource, which offers expertise in synthetic and process chemistry, molecular pharmacology, purity analyses and custom syntheses.

  • The Pharmacoanalytic Shared Resource, which provides high-quality, cost-effective method development, quantitative sample analysis, and pharmacokinetic, pharmacodynamic and pharmacogenetic experimental design and data analysis.

  • The Solid Tumor Translational Science Shared Resource, which develops customizable validation assays to provide innovative correlative-science studies associated with early-phase solid-tumor oncology clinical trials.

“In addition to laboratory and office space and essential core services for therapeutics research, we provide open spaces and conference rooms to encourage and facilitate creative interactions among investigators,” Grever says. “The Ohio State cancer program is building a truly robust drug discovery and development program.”

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