Unraveling Phytochemical Quandaries

The Nutrient and Phytochemical Analytic Shared Resource

The Nutrient and Phytochemical Analytic Shared Resource (NPASR) provides the OSUCCC – James and other investigators with expert bioanalytical method development and quantitative analysis of phytonutrients and their metabolites. Director Steven J. Schwartz, PhD, professor and Carl E. Haas Endowed Chair in the College of Food, Agriculture and Environmental Science, Department of Food Science and Technology, is a member of the OSUCCC – James Molecular Carcinogenesis and Chemoprevention Program. He also directs the Center for Advanced Functional Foods Research and Entrepreneurship.

Associate Director Ken M. Riedl, PhD, an analytical chemist and research scientist, operates three HPLC-MS platforms, each with unique capabilities for identifying and quantifying phytochemicals and their metabolites. His collaborative work spans disciplines from horticulture to nutrition and clinical research.

The NPASR Provides:

  • Expert development of bioanalytical methods and quantitative analysis of nutrients and phytochemicals in foodstuffs and their metabolites in biological samples from both human clinical trials and animal model investigations.
  • Particular expertise in evaluating the bioavailability, metabolism and physiological significance of carotenoids, isothiocyanates and isoflavones.
  • Development of analytical methods for a Good Laboratory Practice environment.
  • An enhanced understanding of the role of dietary compounds in cancer prevention and control.

For more information about the Nutrient and Phytochemical Analytic Shared Resources, call 614-292-4069. 

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