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During its first two years, Pelotonia has raised more than $12.3 million for cancer research at the OSUCCC – James, with $1 million of the proceeds earmarked for fellowship grants for undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral students.

The Pelotonia Fellowship Program will fund wide-ranging cancer research projects — from history and communications to molecular genetics and biomedical science — by the most talented undergraduate students at The Ohio State University. Each fellowship is for up to one year in length and pays up to $12,000.

Research topics include studying cancer tumor progression, factors involved in cancer genetics, the role of microRNA in cancer, improving the ability to study brain tumor cells in the laboratory and silencing of leukemia-related genes, One grant will fund a motivational video for cancer survivors, while another will study how to design effective anti-smoking public service announcements for African-Americans.

In addition, one Pelotonia Medical Student Fellowship grant for $25,000 has been awarded to Earl Christian of Columbus, for his research project, “Consequences of PRMT5 overexpression in B cell lymphomas.”

“We are pleased that 100 percent of the proceeds for Pelotonia go directly to vital cancer research, including Ohio State students who can help make it happen. Pelotonia is providing vital research funding for our youngest and brightest cancer investigators, helping bridge the gap until they may one day qualify for federal research funding,” says Michael Caligiuri, MD, director of Ohio State’s Comprehensive Cancer Center and CEO of The James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute. “Students introduce new discoveries and ideas through their own research, with the goal of one day creating a cancer-free world.”

The first round of Pelotonia Fellowship Grant Recipients represents the wide range of areas in cancer–related research. Here are the names of five recipients, the topics of their research and the senior scientists mentoring them.

Shauna Collins
Elotuzumab, a promising drug for multiple myeloma
Mentor: Don Benson, MD, PhD

Alex Hissong
A gel that mimics your brain material to see how cancer cells react with different drugs
Mentor: Jessica Winter, PhD

Linghan Wang
How Public Service Announcements (PSAs) can reduce smoking among African Americans
Mentor: Zheng Joyce Wang

Edward Briercheck
How the gene PTEN works with your body’s immune system to naturally fight cancer cells
Mentor: Michael Caligiuri, MD

Salene Wu
How anxiety and worry affect inflammation in women with recurrent breast and ovarian cancer
Mentor: Barbara Andersen, PhD

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