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Breast cancer lectureship recognizes William Farrar, MD

Jodi and Stan Ross wanted to do something to honor William Farrar, MD, who has treated two of their family members. Neither has been diagnosed with breast cancer, but both have gone through biopsies and other procedures as preventive measures. “The care he, and the staff at The James provided has been outstanding. We couldn’t have gotten better care anywhere else and we wanted to do something to thank him,” says Jodi.

After talking with Dr. Farrar to see where there was a need and where he felt a donation could be best-utilized, Jodi and Stan decided to create a lectureship in Dr. Farrar’s honor. The lectureship will provide community education opportunities to raise awareness about breast cancer, and will also provide physicians with continuing education opportunities to learn about up-to-date research, clinical trials and treatments.

Both Jodi and Stan have backgrounds in education — Stan taught military justice at the Judge Advocate General’s School in Charlottesville, Va, and Jodi was formerly an elementary school teacher in Worthington and belongs to Childhood League. Education is near and dear to both of them and something they feel can benefit the community and physicians alike. “The more you can learn, the closer you can get to solving the problem — to curing the cancer,” says Stan.

“Dr. Farrar is passionate about caring for his patients, never hesitating to work endless hours as he goes out of his way for them. The confidence he imparts to his patients was well-evidenced when our daughter-inlaw Lauretta faced multiple surgeries, including a pre-emptive double mastectomy and breast reconstruction while at The James,” adds Jodi.

The lectureship will provide hope for current and future breast cancer patients and will give physicians the educational resources they need to get one step closer to a cure. “We are happy to honor Dr. Farrar and express our gratitude in this way for what he’s done not just for our family, but for so many others,” says Jodi.

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