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Daimler Group Contributes to the Stefanie Spielman Comprehensive Breast Center

When a building is more than four walls and a roof, when that building brings together an entire spectrum of services for people dealing with breast cancer, that building inspires others to do what they can to help. That’s exactly what the members of The Daimler Group experienced when they acted as project manager on the construction of the new JamesCare Comprehensive Breast Center. The Center has since been renamed the Stefanie Spielman Comprehensive Breast Center.

The Daimler Group donated $100,000 to the building. They also rallied their design and construction partners on the project, who collectively donated another $50,000. In recognition of their donation, the second-story conference room, which is the primary meeting facility in the new building, is named for The Daimler Group.

“The building is a wonderful facility and breast cancer is a tremendous cause. Most everyone has a connection to the illness. My sister died of breast cancer 32 years ago at the age of 35,” says Bob White, Chair of The Daimler Group.

“During the design process of the building, we talked a lot about how this would most likely be one of the only such facilities in the country—a single place where a woman can come and see all the specialists she needs to see, have all the tests she needs conducted, have treatment if needed and have care coordinated,” says Todd Sloan, Executive Vice President, The Daimler Group. “It’s wonderful to be part of such a special place.”

When construction was complete, The Daimler Group hosted an event for all their partners on the building. The James leadership spoke to the group about how this new facility would allow them to deliver care more efficiently.

“It was neat for everyone to hear how the design and construction of the new building was enabling the doctors and other healthcare providers to better deliver care and services,” says Sloan. “The doctors were so grateful for the new space. We also heard from a patient who spoke about how the new facility made her experiences a little easier. That made all of our hard work well worth the effort.”

“We’re a relatively small company, but we believed in this project, as did our partners,” says White. “We hope that by showing our staff and partners the end result and the impact it’s having on the patients and healthcare providers, we’ve created some long-term partnerships with The James.”

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