"But for Ohio State," Cancer May Be Gaining Ground

Cancer. The very word strikes fear. This year alone, more than 64,000 Ohioans will hear the words “You have cancer,” and one will succumb to the disease every 20 minutes. It is the world’s number one killer, costing the nation more than $104 billion annually in medical expenditures and even more in lost work time. With such staggering statistics, there might be little reason for hope… But for Ohio State.

“I believe a cure for cancer will happen at this University, and that is because of the fierce determination of those who have dedicated their lives to the cause. But for Ohio State, the efforts of so many experts—in the basic sciences, animal and nutritional sciences, engineering and medical fields—might not be combining to conquer cancer once and for all.” – E. Gordon Gee, President, The Ohio State University

Ohio State’s cancer initiative represents $500 million of the University’s $2.5 billion “But for Ohio State” fundraising endeavor. Ohio State’s Comprehensive Cancer Center – James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute (OSUCCC – James) is the only National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated comprehensive cancer center in the country with a freestanding cancer hospital affiliated with a nationally-ranked academic medical center—all on the campus of one of the nation’s largest public universities. Here, we leverage the depth and breadth of disciplines across the University to create a new world order in preventing, detecting, treating and curing cancer. However, to create a cancer-free world, we need more than great minds and even greater dreams. We need you.

“But for Ohio State, there might not be such a comprehensive effort to create a world without cancer. Unlike many other cancer centers, we are able to leverage the vast resources of one of the most powerful academic institutions in the country. And it’s working.” – Michael A. Caligiuri, MD, Director, The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center CEO, James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute

Fundraising Priorities for the OSUCCC – James

  • Creating Modern Learning and Healing Environments $50 million – For nearly a decade, Ohio State has been planning for the new James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute, a hospital that will expand our cancer program’s ability to treat people with cancer, generate new ideas, facilitate research and inspire the next generation of caregivers and scientists.
  • Embolden the Research Mission $200 million – Cancer will be defeated at a place like Ohio State because we understand the complexity of the problem. Our scholars and thought leaders, who hail from across the academic and medical spectrum, are focusing on research that explores the genetic makeup of the patient and his or her cancer, and developing targeted therapies that kill the cancer but leave healthy tissue alone.
  • Foster Faculty and the Academic Excellence Enterprise $100 million – The OSUCCC – James has attracted many of the top cancer researchers and clinicians across many specialties and disciplines. Competition for world-class oncologists and scholars, however, is greater than ever. It takes resources to attract and, even more importantly, to keep them here.
  • Drive High-Impact Innovation $150 million – Progress comes from exploring new and innovative pathways. Imagining things that have never been before—“big idea” research—is risky, expensive and the most difficult to fund, but it is also what truly moves the field forward. At the OSUCCC – James, we believe in pursuing innovation aggressively.

What “But for Ohio State” Means to Me

“But for Ohio State...”
we would not have a floating Buckeye Nation on a cruise ship of more than 2,300 strong fighting cancer. – Lisa Cisco, founder, Buckeye Cruise for Cancer

“But for Ohio State...”
our family would not have had the opportunity to support physicians and researchers who are working every single day to end cancer. Losing someone we dearly loved compelled us to take action by investing in the exceptional work taking place at The James on behalf of all cancer patients and their families. – Lisa Hinson, James Foundation Board member

“But for Ohio State...”
I would not have learned the importance of paying forward and would not have established the Jay Holdgreve Testicular Cancer Research Endowment at The James, which has raised more than $40,000 for the fight against cancer. – Jay Holdgreve, testicular cancer survivor and Community Partner of The James

“But for Ohio State...”
my husband would not have found bike riding as a new form of friend making and fundraising. – Irene Levine, James Foundation Board member (Husband and Pelotonia Rider, Lee Hess)

“But for Ohio State...”
my leukemia would have prevented me from leading my lifestyle and enjoying my family. – Midge Lipkin, PhD, leukemia survivor and supporter of The James

“But for Ohio State...”
there would not be the Stefanie Spielman Comprehensive Breast Center available for our associates, our customers and all the women in our lives. – Cheryl McCormick, manager of community relations, Kroger

“But for Ohio State...”
I wouldn’t have the opportunity to take action against cancer to the extent that the Spielman Fund and Pelotonia have provided. – Shannon Peterson, captain, Stefanie’s Team of Hope Peloton

“But for Ohio State...”
the Jack Roth Rock ‘n Run/Walk wouldn’t have been able to raise more than $300,000 for lung cancer research in the last seven years.” – Janice Roth, founder, Jack Roth Fund

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