National Doctor’s Day: Appreciation and Thanks Shared with Doctors

March 30 was National Doctor’s Day and many patients shared their appreciation to those who treated them along their cancer journey with notes of thanks. Some writers shared just a few impactful words, while others wrote letters to share how their lives have changed since their treatment. Contributors also made gifts ranging from $1 to $2,500 to honor the exceptional care their doctor provided. One grateful patient was so moved by their experience at the OSUCCC – James that they made a planned gift of $10,000 with their Doctor’s Day note. These are just a few quotes from a few of the close to 700 notes received by doctors for National Doctor’s Day.

To: Amit Agrawal, MD From: Debbie Tavenner
My mother, Jean, has been under your care since Nov. 2013. Your skills and knowledge are the reason my mother is still with us. Without fail, every encounter my mom and family has had with you, your hard working residents and all the nursing staff, demonstrates your commitment to keeping Mom as healthy as possible and restoring some joy to her life after a long and difficult treatment. Thank you.

To: John Byrd, MD From: Sheila Cohen
With my husband’s battle with CLL, the medical problems that evolved from that condition could not be cured or improved. Dr. Byrd not only tried every bit of medical knowledge he had, but the compassion and attention he showed to both of us was way beyond expectation. My husband passed away on Feb. 13 but there is not enough I can do to thank Dr. Byrd and his team for all they did for him.

To: Pierluigi Porcu, MD From: Julie Frank
I have been cancer free for 10 years now. In the past 10 years, I have been able to watch my children attend proms, get driver’s licenses, graduate college and get married. Our family is forever indebted to you.

To: Manisha Shah, MD From: Erika Westfall
It’s hard to believe that it’s been 7 years since I was diagnosed. I want to thank you for all you’ve done to care for me, and also for all of your work and research on medullary thyroid cancer. I’m confident that I have the most informed doctor, and that you’ll make tremendous strides in finding a cure for this cancer.

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