The New OSUCCC – James

Innovative Design That Provides a State-of-the-Art, Healing Environment

  • Inpatient units that specialize in specific cancer subtypes to facilitate care by subspecialist multidisciplinary teams of physicians, nurses and pharmacists.
  • Translational research labs on each inpatient floor that bring physicians together with researchers to develop and deliver the most effective targeted treatments for patients.
  • A Cancer Clinical Trials Unit that offers a comforting patient environment with a staff highly experienced in safely conducting innovative, early-phase trials.
  • A state-of-the-art, GMP Cellular Processing Laboratory for blood and marrow that supports the hospital’s 36-bed Blood and Marrow Transplant Unit.
  • Precision Cancer Medicine using advanced genomic technologies to identify both the molecular changes causing a patient’s cancer and the right drugs to treat it.
  • An Integrated Cancer Emergency Department that will treat cancerrelated medical emergencies. Emergency medicine physicians and nurses will work with oncologists and oncology nurses to care for patients and ease their transition to further care at The James or at home.
  • An Oncologic Surgery floor that has 14 operating rooms supported by the most advanced technology, including minimally invasive robotic surgery, to enable teams of surgeons to perform complex procedures.
  • Intra-Operative Radiation Therapy and Intra-Operative MRI technologies that can be used for patients in the operating room for greater safety and efficiency.
  • A Radiation Oncology Department that is equipped with seven Varian TruBeam linear accelerators, as well as a brachytherapy unit, bringing the newest technologies for delivering radiation therapy.

Key Stats

  • Third-largest cancer hospital in the nation
  • 21 floors
  • 1.1 M square feet
  • 306 Inpatient beds, including 36-bed BMT unit
  • 14 Operating Rooms
  • 6 Interventional Radiology Suites
  • 7 Linear accelerators for radiation therapy
  • Dedicated Early-Phase Clinical Trials Unit

There is no routine cancer. This is no routine cancer hospital.

After more than a decade of planning, the new James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute is designed to prevent, detect, treat and cure your cancer. Within these walls, there is an inpatient unit devoted only to your cancer…there’s a specialized team of experts who research, discover and deliver targeted therapies only for your cancer…there are more clinical trials for your cancer than in nearly any other hospital in the nation…there are more advanced surgical procedures for your cancer…and there are the world’s most precise radiation therapies for your cancer. All this means better outcomes, fewer side effects, faster responses and more hope for you.

Fact: Each inpatient unit of the new James is dedicated to a particular type of cancer, with teams of medical oncologists, surgical oncologists, radiation oncologists, pharmacists, genetic experts, researchers, pathologists, molecular biologists, pharmacists and more – each of whom specializes in a single type of cancer, working together to develop and deliver the world’s most effective targeted therapies.

Understanding What Drives Your Cancer

A revolution is happening in the way we diagnose and treat individual cancers. At the new James, we go beyond simply identifying the location and stage of your cancer. Using the world’s most advanced genomic technologies, we determine what’s driving your cancer. The James is among the world’s first cancer hospitals to offer Precision Cancer Care. Our teams of experts in cancer biology, genomics and genetics identify the specific markers that enable your cancer cells to survive, grow and move, and develop and deliver the right drugs to stop it.

Developing the Most Effective Cancer Therapies That Lead to Delivering Better Outcomes

The new James brings together more cancer researchers and cancer specialists than nearly any other hospital in the nation. As one of only 41 comprehensive cancer centers as designated by the National Cancer Institute, The James has more than 300 cancer researchers across 12 of Ohio State’s 14 colleges and more than 200 cancer sub-specialists developing more effective cancer treatments and delivering better outcomes.

The new James has hundreds of cancer clinical trials, each targeting specific cancers and markers. In addition, our patients participate in tumor sequencing and the analysis of their blood and tissue so that when another new treatment is available – whether at Ohio State or beyond – we can quickly match them with that new drug.

Fact: As one of only four cancer centers in the country funded by the National Cancer Institute to conduct Phase 1 and Phase 2 clinical trials, Ohio State offers more leading-edge targeted therapies than nearly any other hospital in the United States.

An Integrated Cancer Emergency Department

Cancer patients have unique needs. Cancer and its therapies can lead to urgent conditions requiring immediate medical care. But usually, cancer patients go to a general emergency department that is not optimally equipped in expertise, information and insights to successfully deal with the emergency and deliver the most effective care as quickly as possible.

The James Cancer Emergency Department is a truly integrated cancer emergency department. Our emergency medicine experts work in teams with our oncologists to deliver specialized emergency triage, diagnostics and treatments. Teams of emergency nurses work in tandem with oncology nurses to care for the patient while in the Emergency Department and coordinate the transition to inpatient or home care.

Fact: The James Cancer Emergency Department is designed to move cancer patients to private, specially designated areas for evaluation and triage. Keeping cancer patients away from public areas helps reduce infections, especially when cancer and treatments can lower immunities.

One of the Nation’s Most Advanced Surgical Facilities

With operating rooms equipped with the world’s most advanced surgical technologies, the new James boasts one of the world’s largest and most advanced oncology surgical suites. Teams of world-renowned surgeons deliver the latest, most successful techniques and procedures in cancer surgeries, including some that are being pioneered only at The James.

Oncology surgical suites are equipped to accommodate minimally invasive robotic technology. With internationally renowned robotic surgeons in head and neck, neurologic, gynecologic and prostate cancers, The James has one of the nation’s largest robotic surgery programs.

Utilizing the most advanced radiation therapy technology, surgical and radiation oncologists at The James administer intra-operative radiation therapy (IORT) to a patient while still in the OR and under anesthetic. This helps to eliminate microscopic traces of cancer immediately after tumor removal, delivering a concentrated dose in the most precise means to leave healthy tissue untouched, reduce the number of radiation treatments needed post-surgery and give a boost to subsequent radiation treatments.

And, to ensure that the surgical team removes all of the tumor the first time, intra-operative MRI is used before and during surgery to compare scans. In most operating rooms around the globe, surgeons have to guess if they removed all the cancerous tissue and then wait days or weeks later for an MRI to confirm the results. With intra-operative MRI at The James, our surgical and radiation oncologists use the world’s most advanced MRI technology – in the surgical suite - to confirm removal of the entire tumor and reduce the possibilities of a second surgery.

The World’s Most Precise Radiation Therapy

Pinpoint accuracy. Reduced exposure of healthy tissue. Faster treatments.

Those are just some of the benefits of the leading-edge technology in the seven linear accelerator vaults and one brachytherapy vault in the new James. One of the few radiation oncology center to be located above ground with lots of natural light, the new James Radiation Oncology Center has world-renowned radiation oncologists and researchers who specialize in just one type of cancer, leading to the more effective delivery of radiation therapies and better outcomes.

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