OSUCCC – James leaders emphasized their commitment to continuing a culture of collaborative cancer care when addressing the audience at a May 2 community forum at the Fawcett Center. The “Meet the Cancer Program Leaders” forum gave the public a chance to become acquainted with Raphael Pollock, MD, PhD, director of the OSUCCC; William Farrar, MD, interim chief executive officer of The James; Peter Shields, MD, deputy director of the OSUCCC; and David Cohn, MD, chief medical officer of The James.

Following a reception, each physician spoke about himself, his career and why he enjoys working at Ohio State in a leadership role. A moderator then posed questions to the panelists, who were unanimous in their praise for a cancer program that has achieved great success stemming from a caring culture that has thrived here from the start.

Pollock said the OSUCCC – James has a strong reputation for its exceptional environment of collaborative, research-based clinical care.

“Patients and staff essentially are looking for two qualities: authenticity and empathy,” he said. “The ability to provide both in the context of an outstanding collaborative environment such as we have is highly unusual.”

Providing historical context, Farrar said the OSUCCC – James’ integrated program of research and clinical care started in 1990 when the original cancer hospital opened. He noted that, as director of medical affairs at that time, he was privileged to “get in on the ground floor” and help develop a culture that has existed here “since day one.”

Shields and Cohn echoed the thoughts of Pollock and Farrar about the importance of a collaborative and caring culture but also went further. Shields noted that people are willing to support the program “because we’re producing good results,” and Cohn pointed out that physicians here think every day about research, providing “a remarkable opportunity to move the field forward.

To view the leadership forum in its entirety, visit the OSUCCC – James YouTube channel.

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