Stimulating New Ideas

To date, the Pelotonia Research Award Program has issued 29 “idea” grants totaling more than $3 million that enable teams of scientists to pursue innovative research that could lead to better treatments and prevention strategies. The grants have gone to scientists and teams from eight colleges at Ohio State: Medicine; Pharmacy; Public Health; Arts and Sciences; Food, Agricultural and Environmental Sciences; Dentistry; Education and Human Ecology; and Veterinary Medicine; as well as Nationwide Children’s Hospital.

Providing Tools for Discovery

Approximately $2.6 million in Pelotonia funds have helped bring new laboratories on line in the Biomedical Research Tower and have supported the purchase of scientific instrumentation that is available to the nearly 300 OSUCCC – James investigators. New advanced technology now available to investigators includes two BD FacsAria analytical cytometers that can isolate, identify and sort millions of normal and cancer cells in seconds. In addition, the acquisition of a SOLiD™ System gene-sequencing platform, as well as a HiSeq™ 2000 Sequencer, gives scientists the capabilities of fully sequencing the genome (DNA) of animals and humans to help identify anomalies that may link to cancer and future treatment options. Previously, the time to sequence a human genome was measured in years; with this technology it can be done in days.

  • With its many lasers, the Special BD FacsAria analytical cytometer brings new high-speed capabilities for sorting normal and cancer cells for genomic characterization.
  • The SOLiD™ System is a highly accurate, massively parallel, gene-sequencing platform that supports a range of applications.
  • The HiSeq™ 2000 Sequencer escalates sequencing throughput to enable researchers to sequence deeply, broadly and economically, accelerating the path to personalized medicine.

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