Pelotonia Fellowship Program Overview

The Pelotonia Fellowship Program trains promising and accomplished undergraduate, graduate, medical and postdoctoral students from any discipline at Ohio State who have the potential to become independent cancer researchers.

The Fellowship Program started in 2010 and to date has awarded 225 student fellowships through an annual allocation of $2 million in Pelotonia revenue for this program. Scholarship recipients so far include 99 undergraduates, 59 graduates, four medical students, 48 postdoctoral fellows and 15 international scholars.

Most recently, from October 2012-October 2013, the program awarded 58 fellowships to students at all levels of scholarship for conducting cancer research in the labs of faculty mentors. Recipients included 25 undergrads, 15 grad students, one medical student, 11 postdoctoral fellows and six international scholars.

“Annually, we strive to fund 25 undergraduates, 16 graduates, two medical students and 12 postdoctoral fellows, but all funding decisions are based on the quality of the applications, not a firm number of awards,” says Program Director Gustavo Leone, PhD, noting that the Fellowship Program “is truly multidisciplinary. Projects have been funded from eight colleges and 43 departments at Ohio State, and from applicants at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital.”

The awards are made by a Pelotonia Fellowship Committee that oversees the program and includes some of Ohio State’s most distinguished basic, translational and clinical researchers from many disciplines.

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