Providing Tools for Discovery

Pelotonia funds have helped bring new laboratories on line in Ohio State’s Biomedical Research Tower and have supported the purchase of scientific instrumentation. Technology purchased in the past year includes:

  • REES Enterprise Environmental Monitoring System
  • Sciclone NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) Workstation
  • Diagenode IPStar Compact for epigenetic applications

This instrumentation and other Pelotonia-funded equipment is accessible to and will benefit the research of more than 200 cancer investigators at the OSUCCC – James in the coming year.

The environmental monitoring system warns against equipment failure caused by faulty equipment, building issues (electrical outages, overheating, etc.), or other factors. Most users rely on the system to monitor freezers, refrigerators (reagents primarily) and incubators – all of vital importance in preserving research samples and other materials.

Researchers have used the Diagenode IPStar Compact to generate useful data. They have enriched methylated DNA from more than 250 samples and turned it into lowinput sequencing libraries using a loaner robot called IntegenX Apollo 324.

The PerkinElmer Sciclone NGS Workstation provides an automated solution for high-throughput sequencing sample preparation. It is a complete benchtop solution for library prep sequence capture and normalization. OSUCCC – James researchers are working to optimize the different library generation protocols. So far, they have generated RNA-seq libraries and TruSeq Exome libraries.

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