Join us on The James Cancer-Free World Podcast as we talk to the top scientists and doctors at the OSUCCC – James. They’ll discuss – in easy-to-understand language – all the cutting-edge cancer research going on at Ohio State and how this is improving patient care and ultimately saving lives.

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More people are diagnosed with skin cancer and melanoma than all other cancers combined. Dr. Spaccarelli is a James expert in this area and explains what skin cancer and melanoma are, the differences, how you can reduce your risk and prevent this type of cancer, and some treatment breakthroughs that are saving lives.

The James is at the forefront of digital pathology, which utilizes advances in genetics and computer technology to create digital slides/images of every tumor sample. This allows for faster and more accurate diagnosis, helps researchers create better and more targeted treatments and enables physicians to understand the specific cancer profile of each patient's cancer.

Dr. Wesolowski explains how researchers at The James and around the world are working on individual vaccines for patients with cancer or who have a high risk of cancer. While still in the early stages of development, individual cancer vaccines show great promise.

Dr. Maryam Lustberg fills us in on the growing James program, which has four major components: psychosocial oncology (counseling), cancer rehabilitation, fertility preservation and sexual health.

A healthy diet can reduce your risk of getting cancer. Candice Schreiber, a James nutritionist, takes us through how a plant-based diet bulks up the immune system and then provides some practical and tasty advice on how to increase your intake of fruits, veggies, nuts and whole grains, and eliminate red meat and processed meats.

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