Join us on The James Cancer-Free World Podcast as we talk to the top scientists and doctors at the OSUCCC – James. They’ll discuss – in easy-to-understand language – all the cutting-edge cancer research going on at Ohio State and how this is improving patient care and ultimately saving lives.

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Do soy products increase your cancer risk? Should cancer patients eliminate sugar from their diet or go vegan or vegetarian? Candice Schreiber, a James clinical dietician and food educator, walks us through these questions and the many myths and misconceptions connected to food and cancer.

Amyloidosis is a rare and often hard-to-diagnose disease that can fill the heart, kidney and liver with dangerous fibrils (or fibers), cause nerve damage and chronic inflammation. Join us as Dr Yvonne Efebera explains the three types of amyloidosis and the research and treatment advances being made at The James Comprehensive Amyloidosis Clinic.

The number of colorectal cancer diagnoses are on the rise, which is why screening is key. Colonoscopies detect pre-cancerous polyps that can be easily removed before they become cancerous and can detect early-stage cancers when they are much easier to treat and cure. Dr. Darrell Gray joins us to discuss colorectal cancer and a new trend in its detection.

When Matt Hare was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, his life changed in ways he never could have imagined. In this episode, we learn about the great advances being made in the treatment of multiple myeloma, Matt's treatment plan and the outcome of his transplant.

The new Pelotonia Institute for Immuno-Oncology (PIIO) will revolutionize cancer treatment and save lives. Join us as Dr. Li, the founding director of the PIIO, describes the progress being made in immuno-oncology, the plans for the new institute – which include hiring 30-plus world-class scientists – and his first-ever ride in Pelotonia.

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