5 Sneak Peeks at the New Home of The James [Part 1]

5 Sneak Peeks at the New Home of The James

From unique spaces to innovative technology, the new home of The James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute is truly no routine cancer hospital.

The sneak peeks below provide a first-hand account of how the 21-story cancer hospital was designed and constructed to provide cancer patients and their loved ones with the most targeted treatment options, a healing environment and more hope.

The 15th Floor

Each inpatient floor in the new home The James is a specialized unit for patients with one type of cancer. These units are staffed with specialists and sub-specialists experienced in treating just one type of cancer… yours.

Cancer ED Infusion Bay

The new home of The James houses the nation’s fully integrated cancer emergency department, equipped with comforting and state-of-the-art infusion bays for cancer patients experiencing dehydration or in need of IV medications to treat their emergent conditions.

James ED Infusion room on ground level - June 26-9882

Technology Wired into the New Home of The James

The New James couldn’t be considered a 21st century cancer hospital without accompanying 21st century technology. With everything from PCs and laptops to tablets and mobile devices, cancer treatment teams are equipped with all the necessary technology to provide the most innovative, target treatments to cancer patients.

Operating Room

OR room on 4 - June 26-9862

Building Mechanicals

While patients and visitors won’t have access to the building mechanicals, this sneak peeks shows how the floors seven, eight and nine in the New James power all the services provided.


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