Cancer Survivorship Plans Improving Post Treatment Quality of Life

Ohio State doctors are working with cancer patients to craft personalized plans to improve quality of life—before and after treatment.

All cancer patients need to monitor and maintain their health consistently, which can have big benefits during active treatment, and for years afterward.

With survivorship beginning at the moment of a cancer diagnosis, each patient at the OSUCCC – James teams with their doctors to create care plans that document their journeys, reviewing all treatments and providing follow-up plans that are focused on health promotion and healthy living.

“Survivorship care plans are incredibly important to patients, particularly when they finish with their active treatment,” says Dori Klemanski, APRN-CNP, the clinical director of cancer supportive care and survivorship at The James. “It’s essentially a document that reviews all of the treatment that they had, as well as follow-up plans, and particularly health promotion and healthy living recommendations.”

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