Amyloidosis: Comprehensive Treatment at The James

The only comprehensive amyloidosis clinic in Ohio is at The James, where experts from numerous fields work together to treat and prevent damage to bodily functions and organs.

Amyloidosis is a term used to describe proteins that can deposit in organs and tissues including the heart, stomach and skin, causing a variety of health issues from chronic inflammation to symptoms similar to multiple myeloma.

To address these problems, the team at The James’ clinic utilize a variety of technology and techniques, including genetic testing and chemotherapy, to treat amyloidosis in all its forms, enabling patients to receive helpful therapies with a minimum of travel and expense.

“I put in a team of five specialists—a cardiologist, nephrologist, neurologist, nurse and a physical therapist, because these patients become really weak,” says the clinic’s creator Yvonne Efebera, MD.