Cooking to Manage Treatment Side Effects

Cooking Class

At The James, we provide programs are designed to empower cancer survivors and their primary caregivers with new skills, knowledge and a sense of community.

The class offerings, hosted by our JamesCare for Life (JCFL) program, focus on introducing techniques, strategies and modes of expression intended to improve the quality of life of persons affected by a cancer diagnosis. Many participants have found these tools valuable and have successfully incorporated them into their everyday lives.

On March 9, JCFL will be hosting a special hands-on cooking class at The Kitchen in downtown Columbus. The class will feature foods that may be helpful for those dealing with cancer-related treatment side effects. A variety of side effects will be addressed, including nausea, taste changes and more.

Participants currently experiencing treatment side effects will learn about which foods are beneficial to them and why.

Attendees will be guided through hands-on meal preparation and will enjoy an opportunity to share the meal with other cancer survivors, including caregivers.

Sign up to attend the class today.

Recipes for the featured foods will be provided. If you have questions on whether this class is a good fit for you, call the JCFL dietitian at 614-293-6428. Space is limited.

Facilitator: Candice Schreiber, RD, LD, Clinical Dietitian

Programs are introductory in nature and offered free of charge. For more information, please call JamesCare for Life at 800-293-5066. Pre-registration is required for all programs.