Groundbreaking Immunotherapy Training Patients' Bodies to Target Cancer

Ohio State experts are among the only teams in the nation to treat cancer with CAR-T, a new immunotherapy that attacks cancer cells with fewer side effects.

The breakthrough therapy harnesses a patient’s own immune system to treat cancer in children and adults via the removal of T-cells, on which Chimeric Antigen Receptors—or CARs—are then placed.

The process works by retraining the cells to identify and attack cancer, enabling more rapid results without many of the side effects of traditional treatments.

“CAR-T teaches those T-cells how to recognize a cancer cell that sort of managed to evade someone’s own immune system,” Samantha M Jaglowski, MD says. “This is really the next phase of personalized medicine, where we’re taking a patient’s own cells and using it to make a treatment specifically for their own cancer.”