Group Exercise Benefits Prostate Cancer Patients, Study Shows

Teaming up while working out can improve results for prostate cancer patients during hormone therapy, a James study shows.

Our researchers found that group exercise, along with healthy diets, can provide significant benefits to patients undergoing androgen deprivation therapy, an effective treatment that suppresses male hormones that fuel cancer growth. Unfortunately, the therapy can also cause patients to lose muscle mass and gain fat, which puts them at risk for other health problems like heart disease and diabetes.

“We found, however, that a comprehensive exercise and diet program in a group setting can make a difference for prostate cancer patients, and the difference was greater than expected in a short period of time,” says Brian Focht, PhD, a research expert at the OSUCCC – James. “We think the group approach is important, because it creates social support for men who have experienced shared challenges, and that can increase the chances of long-term behavior change.”