How Comprehensive Cancer Centers Benefit Patients From the Lab to the Bedside

In the lab, at the bedside and everywhere in between, we're committed to the creation of a cancer-free world through world-class research and care.

Recognized for groundbreaking research and its impact on patients, comprehensive cancer centers like The James provide benefits to people receiving treatment both inside and outside those respective systems through heavy emphases on the present and future of care.

Among the potential advantages for comprehensive cancer centers patients is participation in clinical trials, which can provide successful treatment paths after established therapies have failed.

“We have patients getting drugs that are getting approved today by the Food and Drug Administration that we were giving to patients years ago and now are alive because of that,” says Dr. Peter Shields, the OSUCCC – James’ deputy director of the Division of Medical Oncology.

Watch as Dr. Shields explains the lab-to-bedside benefits of comprehensive cancer centers.