How Expertise and Experience Impact Patient Outcomes

In this segment of Toward A Cancer-Free World, Tracy Townsend talks with Evan Wuthrick, MD, a radiation oncologist at the OSUCCC - James who discusses how going to a high volume cancer center for treatment directly impacts patient outcomes. 

Designing radiation therapy treatment plans for patients is a complex process. The OSUCCC - James was part of an international clinical trial that looked at outcomes in 700 head and neck cancer patients at high volume cancer centers. The study showed that these patients had better outcomes and life spans at high volume centers, as opposed to smaller institutions with less volume in this particular cancer. 

"We know that there is no routine cancer, which in part means that when you come to The James you are paired with a cancer doctor who thinks about your kind of cancer all the time. They look at different combinations of drugs, radiation and surgical options, etc. It’s a very specialized, focused approach to cancer treatment."