Jack Roth Rock 'N' Run - James 5K Race Series

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Join us at the upcoming kickoff of the 2015 James 5K Race Series at the 10th annual Jack Roth Rock ‘N’ Run on Sunday, June 7 at Bexley High School in Bexley. Ohio.

Maren Roth, Jack Roth’s daughter, shares information with us about the run and the story behind the event:

We created the run 10 years ago with a passion and mission to do two things:

  1. Jack Roth Running Image for BlogTo raise money and much needed awareness for lung cancer. My father was diagnosed with lung cancer after he suffered from a seizure due to tumors that had spread to his brain from his lungs. He was an athlete, an avid runner in great shape and he was not a smoker. He was someone who took great care of himself. But when he was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, it was a death sentence. He died after a vigilant 9-month fight at the age of 57.  
  2. My father was extremely passionate about helping others. We also wanted to raise money for a cause that he fought so hard for while he was alive. We chose to donate to Camp Netaim, a camp for special needs children in Israel through an organization called Masorti.  

The Jack Roth Rock ’N’ Run, now in its 10th year, has become an event that friends, family, runners and community supporters look forward to. We have raised over $850,000 and we have seen the race grow to more than 600 runners! It’s a fantastic day that not only raises a lot of money and awareness, but also brings so many people together in the community, all supporting the Jack Roth Fund at the OSUCCC – James. In 2014, we joined the James 5k Race Series. When they told us we have been picked as one of the 5 races supported by the series, we were absolutely floored. To have The James recognize our small grassroots efforts and offer such incredible support has definitely put a brighter spotlight on the Jack Roth Fund. Thanks to the series, we are now becoming even more recognizable in the community.Jack Roth Supporters Image for Blog Post

We know that lung cancer does not discriminate; smokers, non-smokers, no one is immune. We need to shed some light on this cancer and we hope that our fundraising efforts can help to do that. I hope to see the fund raise even more money and awareness for both lung cancer research at The James. Although the battle to eradicate lung cancer seems long and hard, we have to continue the fight and I just hope that the Jack Roth Fund can be a small part of the fight for a very long time or at least until we find a cure.

We feel very strongly that the funds we raise are going to very important causes and I know that he would be happy to know we are doing everything we can to continue his hard work and dedication.