James Genomics Testing Leads to Personalized Breast Cancer Treatment

Genomics are giving James doctors blueprints for better breast cancer treatments.

James breast oncologists are using genomic data—a kind of “blueprint for how cells function—to develop personalized treatment programs for breast cancer patients.

Through genetic testing, our doctors are able to identify markers—like BRCA mutations—that can influence cancer growth and behavior, leading to treatment regimens with components and durations tailored to individual patients.

“In the past, we thought of breast cancer, I think, as a cookie cutter. We gave everyone chemotherapy, then an estrogen-positive, anti-estrogen therapy,” The James’ Dr. Nicole Williams says. “Now we’re using genomic testing, for example, in estrogen-positive women, to see if they may or may not benefit from chemotherapy. So, we’re personalizing breast cancer more on an individual basis.”