James Providing Customized Care for Older Lung Cancer Patients

Unique challenges are met with unique treatments at The James, where a new program is improving therapies for older lung cancer patients.

When it comes to lung cancer, the treatment of older patients can differ dramatically from that of younger adults, with many factors to consider in terms of resiliency, ability to manage complex therapies and side effects.

Older patients may have other chronic medical conditions such as heart problems, other breathing issues and might be on many different medications. At The James, however, experts have started a project called “Resiliency in Older Adults Receiving Lung Cancer Treatment,” or ROAR LCT, in which participants get comprehensive assessments, which help doctors customize therapies to meet each patient’s needs. The assessments enable James experts to treat older adults with lung cancer in much more precise and personalized ways.

A specialized care clinic for older adults with cancer, called the Cancer & Aging Resiliency Clinic, will also be opening next month at The James.