Kids Kick Cancer

Kids Kick Cancer with Cookies

Children may not know exactly what cancer is, but they do know one thing: when friends and family are affected all they want to do is help. Laura Tornes of Hilliard, Ohio remembers her son and daughter, Dylan (8) and Ella (6), and their friend Hailey Pierson (8), running in from playing outside to tell her of their brilliant idea. 

“They wanted to start a kid cancer run to raise money for cancer research,” says Laura. “And not just one specific type – all types of cancer”.

Laura supported the three as they begin to plan the event. Dylan, Ella, and Hailey knocked on their neighbors’ doors to invite them to the run. They set suggested participation levels of $4 for children and $6 for adults. Friends and family were also encouraged to make an online donation to their personal fundraising page on the OSUCCC – James website.

The children then proceeded to bake and ice cookies, paint posters, and create medals to award all of their participants for completing the race. Raising more than $710 through online donations, all proceeds benefited the cancer strategic support fund at the OSUCCC – James.

Held on July 16th, 2015 at Homestead Park in Hilliard, Ohio, the children’s’ favorite park, Dylan, Ella, and Hailey worked hard to make the Kids Kick Cancer run a reality. After the three recited cancer facts and sang the national anthem, the runners were off. Approximately forty people were in attendance as friends, families, and neighbors ran a one-mile course in support of the childrens’ passion to cure cancer.

Laura comments that the children did all of the work – from planning, marketing, recruiting runners, and running the refreshment table. Her favorite addition to the event was the “In Honor of Signs” that the children had made so participants could write the name of someone special that they were running for. 

To Dylan, Ella and Hailey, giving means thoughtfulness, kindness, and love. When asked about what giving means to them, the children replied, “If you have something that people need, you should give it to them. When someone is in need and you can help, you should give them what you can.”

Kids Kick Cancer is expected to become an annual event. 

To learn more about how you can create a personal fundraising page and raise funds for the OSUCCC – James online, please visit here

Photo Caption: Dylan Tornes (8), Ella Tornes (6), and Hailey Pierson (8) from Hilliard were out playing in the yard when they had a brilliant idea. Having family and friends who were touched by cancer, the three children decided to do something to “kick away” this dreadful disease. Soon, neighbors were contacted, cookies and medals were made, and these three became leaders in a creating new local event: Kids Kick Cancer.