Meet The James' Volunteers: Destiny Corbett

OSUCCC James Volunteer Destiny Corbett

From drinks and snacks to comfort and conversation, volunteers at The James provide the little things that make up a big part of comprehensive cancer care.

Get to know one of the nearly 500 volunteers who give their time and effort at The James, serving as partners for patients to help meet the everyday needs that become challenges during treatment.

Name: Destiny Corbett

Where I volunteer: Hematology Clinic at The James

What I do: I offer drinks and snacks to patients in the waiting area, check their wait status and get questions answered by the clinic staff. I am also responsible for organizing magazines, ensuring things are in place, wiping down the rooms and changing the exam table paper following the conclusion of a patient’s appointment.

Why I chose The James: My father was diagnosed with colon cancer in August, 2017, right before I started college at Ohio State. When I heard about The James, I knew that it was the perfect place for me to volunteer because I would be able to learn more about cancer and see how it affects the lives of various individuals. Unfortunately, my dad passed away in September 2018. However, I continued volunteering at The James because it makes me happy to be a smiling face and to engage in friendly conversation with patients during some of the most difficult times of their lives. I understand what it’s like to have a loved one battling an illness, so being able to give up my time to make someone else’s day just a little bit easier is extremely rewarding.

How I’ve made a difference in our patients’ lives: It’s important for patients to feel comfortable, significant and prioritized when they arrive for their appointments. I have encountered patients who were nervous, and I was able to calm them down by having conversations completely unrelated to their health. Being able to check on each patient individually and cater to their needs—as well as any of their family members’ needs—shows how much they are valued.

How our patients have made a difference in my life: Some patients are extremely ill or not feeling well at all, but they still thank me for volunteering and assisting them. This means a lot to me because I know that my efforts really matter. Witnessing patients walk around with smiles and laughing with their families is truly inspirational because it reminds me that, regardless of what someone is going through, there is always a reason to smile.

Why I recommend volunteering at The James: In every volunteer position I’ve held at The James, I’ve been constantly thanked and applauded for my efforts. All the staff is extremely friendly and welcoming—I’m always greeted with a smiling face or a “Good morning” when I walk into the hospital for my shift. The high level of encouragement and appreciation of volunteers is definitely what keeps me returning.

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