New Statewide Initiative Aims to Identify New Treatments, Reduce Endometrial Cancer Rates

Potential new endometrial (uterine) cancer treatments may well be on the horizon thanks to a new statewide study called OPTEC, or Ohio Prevention and Treatment of Endometrial Cancer.

Initiated at the OSUCCC – James, OPTEC aims to identify potential new treatments for endometrial cancer patients – and, equally importantly – identify ways to actually reduce the chance of a woman ever getting the disease.

By identifying women with a genetic abnormality known as Lynch Syndrome, the experts are able to put patients on treatment plans that often respond dramatically well to a new class of drugs for patients with this syndrome. Additionally, if family members are identified who also have the genetic anomaly, they, too, can pursue a personalized path that can either detect their cancer earlier or prevent them from getting the disease altogether.