OSUCCC – James Sophistication Gives Grateful Patient ‘Sense of Security’

While suffering from migraine pain several years ago, Thom Wendt had an MRI that revealed a slow-growing brain tumor. His physicians at the OSUCCC – James considered a biopsy and surgery, but Wendt says they “opted to watchfully wait because of the risks that have since been minimized and even eliminated with new technologies.”

When doctors determined in February 2015 that he needed image-guided brain surgery, he was comforted upon entering the surgical suite by the sight of such sophisticated equipment as the 3-Tesla Intraoperative Magnetic Resonance Imaging (iMRI) system. The iMRI, which enables surgeons to perform MRI scans on patients during surgery to help ensure that the whole tumor is removed, was made possible in part by donations to The James Fund for Life.

“I knew these machines would give the surgical staff the advantage they needed to provide me with the highest level of care,” Wendt recalls. “I went into surgery with confidence and a sense of calm.”

After a successful operation, Wendt and his family are “overwhelmed with gratitude.”

“My experience as a patient at Ohio State has been exceptional,” he says. “The oncology, surgical and radiology teams provided a level of care that illustrates their compassion and commitment to patients, as well as dedication to their academic fields.

“My future is bright and full of promise,” he adds, noting that he has had minimal side effects from the surgery and plans to return to “all of my passions with a sense of security that Ohio State will be there again if needed.”