Imaging at Ohio State Leading to Faster Recovery Time for Cancer Patients

Imaging innovation is helping Ohio State doctors treat cancer with less invasive procedures.

Through cutting-edge intervention radiology, experts at the OSUCCC – James are able to target tumors before surgeries, allowing them to subsequently perform complex procedures using only small incisions.

“With the advanced imaging, we’re able to visualize the tumor – see it as it would be inside the body – and then develop and target it so that we can pick a procedure, pick a therapy and provide that to the tumor with pinpoint accuracy,” says Ohio State’s Eric Elliot, DO.

Interventional radiology is a growing field, according to Elliot, who works with patients as part of The James’ commitment to comprehensive cancer care.

“If you’re a cancer patient, there’s a good chance you probably will meet an interventional radiologist along your treatment course,” he says. “We provide services from advanced IV placement, so that patients can get repetitive chemotherapy, all the way to meeting the patient in consultation and developing a treatment plan that targets their individual cancer.”