What We Mean When We Say "There Is No Routine Cancer"

For experts at The James, “There is no routine cancer” is much more than a slogan – it’s a principle that promotes improved outcomes through individualized treatment plans for each patient.

“Cancer’s a really complex disease. It’s not just that you look under the microscope and put a name to the cancer,” OSUCCC – James Chief Medical Officer David Cohn, MD, says. “There’s a lot of complexity in the diagnosis itself that’s critically important to making the correct diagnosis to ensure the best outcome.”

Because of that complexity, dedicated OSUCCC – James experts work with each patient to treat their cancers according to their specific circumstances, increasing the odds of successful treatment with a focus on the maximization of quality of life.

“The most important thing for a patient to know is that they’re in a position to be very informed about their diagnoses,” Cohn says. “Ensuring that they see experts in their diseases is really critical to making sure they’ve got the best outcomes.”