Bone Cancer

The world-renowned experts at the OSUCCC – James are transforming the way bone cancers are prevented, detected, treated and, yes, cured.

Today, cancer is no longer solely defined by location or even by stage. We know there is no routine cancer, and there is no routine bone cancer, or sarcoma.

Bone cancer is a complex disease. Each patient’s disease is different, behaving differently in the bodies they’re in and calling for a tailored, individualized treatment plan for each patient.

To deliver the most effective bone cancer detection and treatment, our nationally renowned experts identify and understand cancer at the biologic and genetic levels, unlocking the molecular code of a patient’s disease and pinpointing what makes each cancer grow – then discovering what stops it.

Our team of bone cancer sub-specialists spans a broad range of disciplines: from medical, surgical and radiation oncologists to molecular and biological pathologists, orthopedic oncologists to genetic scientists and more – all specializing in bone cancer (and only bone cancer) research, prevention, detection, treatment and cure.

In addition, the OSUCCC – James has the most comprehensive and specialized team in the country, including multiple medical and surgical disciplines to manage and treat large extremity, pelvic and spine regional soft tissue cancers.

It’s that sub-specialization and singular focus that enables us to discover, develop and deliver the most targeted therapies for each individual bone cancer patient.

And that means our collective expertise leads to improved outcomes, faster responses, fewer side effects and more hope for cancer patients everywhere.

Spine & Bone Sarcoma

Spine and bone sarcoma commonly forms in the ends of the long bones of the body, which include bones of the arms and legs. The OSUCCC – James is a world leader in spine & bone sarcoma treatment, developing some of the very latest advancements that targeting sarcoma genes. In fact, our spine & sarcoma subspecialists actually help write national clinical guidelines for treating specific spine & bone sarcomas.

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Spine Tumors

Spine tumors are abnormal growths of tissue found in and around the spine. At the OSUCCC – James, spine tumor patients have a multidisciplinary team of experts including researchers who help sequence tumors to identify key molecules that fuel each patient’s cancer and who then develop drugs that target only those particular molecules.

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