The experts in the OSUCCC – James Palliative Care Center provide nationally acclaimed patient care services that are specifically designed to offer patients and their families the best symptom management, quality of life, care and compassion throughout their cancer journey.

This highly experienced team, which works directly with your OSUCCC – James medical oncologist as well as other cancer care specialists, spans a broad range of disciplines, including physicians, advanced practice nurses, psychologists, clergy members and other experts who specialize in providing emotional, psychological and spiritual support. The palliative care team manages patients’ physical symptoms, provides guidance with complex treatment choices and helps them navigate the healthcare system.

Our physicians are all board certified in palliative medicine and members of our team have advanced certifications in the area of pain and symptom management.

It’s that sub-specialization and attention to detail that enables the OSUCCC – James to deliver the utmost in individualized care for each cancer patient.

Palliative Care Center

About the OSUCCC – James Palliative Care Clinic

Palliative care is a type of care provided to patients with serious illness, such as cancer. This care can reduce symptoms, improve quality of life and may make it possible to continue with cancer treatment. The goal is to prevent or treat the symptoms of a disease or any treatment side effects that might occur.

Palliative care is also sometimes called comfort care, supportive care or symptom management.

Palliative care includes more than the physical care of the patient. It also includes caring for the psychological, social and spiritual concerns patients and their families may experience during their cancer journey.

The OSUCCC – James Palliative Care Clinic includes an expert, nationally acclaimed palliative care team that provides a broad range of patient care services specifically designed to offer patients the best symptom management, quality of life, care and compassion.

For a patient’s physical care, the palliative care specialists’ goal is to work with each patient to relieve symptoms related to their cancer diagnosis or symptoms related to the treatment of their cancer. These symptoms can include pain, shortness of breath, fatigue, constipation, nausea, loss of appetite, difficulty sleeping or reduced tolerance to medical treatments.

In addition to working with each James patient’s cancer treatment team, the OSUCCC – James palliative care experts also work closely with pharmacists, nutritionists, therapists of many types and social workers to provide the most comprehensive, individualized care for every patient.

James patients can access the OSUCCC – James palliative care services at any point in their illness, and their treatment is customized to meet the individual needs of cancer patients and their families.

If you are an OSUCCC – James patient and would like to receive palliative care in our palliative care center or would like to speak with a palliative care specialist, please talk to a member of your OSUCCC – James treatment team and ask about a referral.

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