Transforming Cancer Detection and Diagnosis

The Digital Pathology team at the OSUCCC – James is dedicated to providing each patient with an accurate, timely diagnosis by using the most advanced digital imaging technology available anywhere.

Our highly specialized Digital Pathology team works closely with the world-renowned experts at the OSUCCC – James, who are transforming the way cancers are prevented, detected, treated and cured.

Cancer is complex, and it is no longer defined solely by location or stage—there is no routine cancer. Each patient’s disease is different, acting and reacting differently to the individual’s biological makeup and to the treatments aimed at stopping the disease.them.


At the OSUCCC – James, the Digital Pathology team’s mission is to work with researchers, collaborators and expert physicians to provide leading-edge, clinically advanced and cost-effective diagnostics, using the most sophisticated technology available. This enables patients to start personalized, potentially life-saving therapies even sooner.

To deliver the most effective cancer prevention, detection, diagnosis and treatment, our world-renowned experts identify and understand cancer at the genetic level, unlocking the molecular code of a patient’s disease, pinpointing what makes it grow and discovering what stops it.

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What We Do

The Digital Pathology team at the OSUCCC – James uses ultra-fast, high-capacity scanners to convert traditional glass slides into high-resolution digital images.

The digital pathology process begins with whole-slide imaging, or scanning conventional glass slides (think eighth-grade science class with microscopes and slides) and then using  advanced technology to digitally join consecutive images into a single, whole image, replicating the information on the glass slide.

These enhanced images can be viewed and interpreted on a computer—and by multiple people and across multiple locations simultaneously when needed. The images can also be paired with other clinical information to give pathologists a wholly unified picture of each person’s unique cancer.

When necessary, the OSUCCC – James pathology specialists can perform additional diagnostics, including image analysis tests, and apply predictive algorithms (looking at different cell patterns that may repeat or change, then predicting those cells’ next moves) to do risk assessments.

How It Works

The Digital Pathology team at the OSUCCC – James uses ultra-fast, high-capacity scanners to convert traditional glass slides into high-resolution digital images.

Once the images are converted into millions of pixels, they’re transferred (or hosted) onto specially designed desktop systems that enable our pathologists to review image details comprehensively, share images for second opinions and report findings to a patient’s team of physicians—all from a single device.


One of the key benefits of the OSUCCC – James Digital Pathology team’s expertise and platform (the way they obtain, store, analyze, convert and share cell information) is the ability to share and collaborate among numerous cancer specialists.

This advanced imaging capability enables researchers--whether down the hall, in a different building or on opposite sides of the globe—to share and review images instantly, then assess and contribute valuable insights that ultimately lead to a more informed, more detailed diagnosis and personalized care plans for each patient.

Our internationally recognized teams of specialists and subspecialists span a broad range of disciplines, all specializing in cancer research, prevention, detection, treatment and cures. In fact, our physician experts help write the U.S. national clinical guidelines for treating specific cancers.

Our subspecialization and singular focus enable us to develop and deliver the most targeted therapies for each patient. And that means our collective expertise leads to improved outcomes, faster responses, fewer side effects and more hope for cancer patients everywhere.

Using Technology and Expertise to Predict Outcomes

The OSUCCC – James is implementing a long-term digital pathology solution for the cancer program as well as the overall health system, providing a safe, secure, permanent record of cell specimens and analysis. Doing so will enable our experts to compare and study a patient’s cancer progression, regression or other changes.

Not only will all new patient pathology slides be digitized, so also will those pathology slides that were processed over the past seven years at the OSUCCC – James.

That way, our pathology experts can easily access and review comprehensive information about a patient’s current diagnostic testing and results as well as information about previous testing and results, then compare those outcomes with current information to develop the best individualized care plan for each patient.

Presentations and Publications

The OSUCCC – James Digital Pathology team of experts often presents its findings on a national scale to medical experts from around the world.

Who We Are

The OSUCCC – James internationally recognized teams of cancer specialists and subspecialists span a broad range of disciplines and specialize in cancer research, prevention, detection, treatment and cures.

The Digital Pathology team, led by internationally recognized cancer specialist Anil Parwani, MD, PhD, MBA, comprises expert researchers, specialists and technicians who coordinate this advanced technology with virtually every medical discipline, specialty and subspecialty.

Each Digital Pathology team member has a specific, specialized focus within digital pathology, and each has a vast, well-established, nationally and/or internationally recognized background:

Anil Parwani

Anil Parwani, MD, PhD, MBA

Director, Digital Pathology Shared Resources

Scott Hammond

Lead Digital Pathology Specialist, Digital Pathology Core

Kurtis H. Yearsley, PhD

Research Lab Technologist

Scott Wade

Pathology Team Manager

Shawn Scully

Imaging Informatics Consultant

Working together with each medical discipline at OSUCCC – James, the Digital Pathology experts share their knowledge and world-class skills to move diagnostics, research and discoveries from the laboratory to the bedside.

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Where We Are

Located at the Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute on The Ohio State University campus, the Digital Pathology Lab is a state-of-the-art facility that is among the first in the nation to combine the latest digital imaging technologies, computational image analysis and big data. This advanced workflow solution streamlines how pathologists review cases, enabling them to contribute valuable therapy- and prognosis-related insights to better inform the diagnosis and subsequent care plans for patients.

The James Cancer-Free World Podcast

The James is at the forefront of digital pathology, which utilizes advances in genetics and computer technology to create digital slides/images of every tumor sample. This allows for faster and more accurate diagnosis, helps researchers create better and more targeted treatments and enables physicians to understand the specific cancer profile of each patient's cancer.

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