Anita Bartlett

Anita Bartlett

Anita Bartlett, who was treated at the OSUCCC – James for T-cell lymphoma, believes the education the doctors give their patients about their particular cancer makes the OSUCCC – James stand out from other cancer centers. She credits the information she received with making a huge difference in her treatment and recovery.  

“The education given to me about my cancer and treatment options appears to be rare among other cancer patients I’ve met who have been treated by other centers,” Anita said.

She also appreciates the team approach that her doctor, Pierluigi Porcu, MD, and his staff took in approaching her treatment. With plenty of information about treatment choices and plans, Anita felt informed and involved in the process.

“When I’ve spoken with people who were not treated at the OSUCCC – James, I’ve been surprised at their blank looks,” she said. “They were not told much about medication side effects, treatment options, palliative care or reasons for their care plan,” Anita said.

A few years ago, during a post-treatment follow-up exam, Dr. Porcu and his team noticed suspicious-looking nodules on a computed tomography (CT) scan. The team was attentive and sprung into action while they and Anita awaited biopsy results.

“Knowing that I would be treated immediately was a great relief,” said Anita.

The biopsy revealed that an infection was likely causing the CT scan findings, and the team concluded that Anita did not need further lymphoma treatment. “Dr. Porcu then decided I only need to see him every six months and have a CT scan once a year for now,” Anita said.

In spring 2014, Anita wrote a letter to Dr. Porcu, thanking him for the education and attention throughout her lymphoma treatment. “I received detailed answers to my questions and ongoing reassurances,” Anita said.

She also expressed that she would recommend the OSUCCC – James to anyone and that if she needs additional care for her lymphoma, she knows she “will be given the best care I can get anywhere” at the OSUCCC – James.

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