Ken McNutt

Ken McNutt

Ken McNutt’s wife, Suzanne, received a birthday “gift” she didn’t ask for in 2012. That’s the day Ken was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

The poor timing of the unwelcome diagnosis was made worse by the even poorer bedside manner of the doctor who delivered it. The McNutts turned to the OSUCCC – James for a second opinion.

Both Ken and Suzanne have close ties to The Ohio State University community. Ken graduated from the university in agriculture and Suzanne in dental hygiene. Suzanne’s father was a respected professor of veterinary medicine at OSU for 39 years.

The couple also held their wedding reception at Ohio State’s Faculty Club more than 50 years ago; they want to celebrate their 75th anniversary when the time comes, which means receiving the best care possible for Ken’s prostate cancer.

Though the McNutts expected to receive the most advanced care at the OSUCCC – James, they may not have been expecting the excellent compassion and communication that they would find. But their first interaction with Amir Mortazavi, MD, an OSUCCC – James medical oncologist, eased their minds.

“He has a wonderful bedside manner,” said Ken. His wife agrees. “When we first went in to talk with Dr. Mortazavi, I was not calm,” said Suzanne. “But I came out calm.”

Dr. Mortazavi didn’t make the McNutts feel better by telling them what they wanted to hear, however. He gave them information they could use. “He didn’t sugarcoat things,” Ken said.

Ken’s son, Michael, works in health care communications and was especially impressed with the amount of time Dr. Mortazavi spent with Ken and his family, pointing out how unusual it is these days not to  feel rushed when in a doctor’s office or exam room. “Dr. Mortazavi made us feel welcome, like he cared and was invested,” Michael said.

Highly impressed by Dr. Mortazavi’s research on prostate cancer, his practical approach and caring manner, the McNutts decided to create a fund to help the doctor’s efforts. The Kenneth and Suzanne McNutt Family Fund in Prostate Cancer Research was established after the family toured Dr. Mortazavi’s lab.

Their son Michael has contributed with his own fund-raising efforts and his wife, Katy, was so impressed with the experience Ken received that she went to work as an administrative assistant at the OSUCCC – James.

The entire family is happy to participate in fund-raising as a way to give back and help make sure the important work of Dr. Mortazavi continues. “Health is the most important thing,” said Ken

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