Tom Shevlin

Tom Shevlin

Tom Shevlin, 48, likes to stay active. He enjoys playing tennis, hiking and walking his dog. When these normal activities started to make him feel constantly worn down, he knew something wasn’t right.

That’s when Tom decided to visit his family doctor who ordered a CAT scan. Two hours later, the doctor’s office called with shocking news. They had found a mass in his bladder.

“If your body’s telling you something’s not right, get checked and keep getting checked,” he says.

Tom started researching his options. Raised in Columbus, he knew The James was a good place to start. He decided to set up a consultation with Kamal Pohar, MD, a bladder cancer expert.

Within three weeks of his initial appointment with Dr. Pohar, Tom had his first surgery to remove the mass. The surgery was a success, but to ensure the mass was completely gone he underwent a second surgery. The surgery confirmed what Dr. Pohar thought. Tom was cancer-free

Tom feels fortunate for Dr. Pohar’s fast-acting approach. There were a lot of pieces that had to come together, and he made it happen.

“Dr. Pohar is probably one of the best surgeons I’ve worked with,” he said. “He got me in so quick, and did the surgery late at night.”

Since his second surgery, Tom continues to work with Dr. Pohar and his team to prevent his cancer from coming back.

Tom credits his support group, especially his wife of over 25 years, Amy, for helping him through his cancer battle. Having his best friend and partner made the different struggles throughout the journey a little more manageable.

Tom’s advice as a cancer survivor is simple: Maintain a positive attitude.

“You have a choice every day,” he says. “That attitude is a big part of not only healing, but also your quality of life.”

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