Several OSUCCC – James clinical trial patients have generously offered to share their personal cancer treatment stories, with the hope of providing insight, wisdom and strength to other survivors and their caregivers.

Learn more about the experiences people have had at OSUCCC – James by reading stories about our cancer patients and volunteers.

Prostate Cancer

Bernie Speyer

Buckeye fan Bernie Speyer had prostate cancer that returned, but a clinical trial sent his PSA levels back to near zero. He’s now waving the Buckeye and cancer survivor flags.Read More

Donn Young, PhD

A former statistician at The Ohio State University, Donn Young was diagnosed with an advanced form of prostate cancer near his 60th birthday. He credits his continued survival to a clinical trial at the OSUCCC — James.Read More

Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia

Brian Koffman, MDCM

Brian Koffman was fighting an aggressive form of CLL that was proving difficult to treat until he found Dr. John Byrd, who enrolled him in an ibrutinib clinical trial at the OSUCCC — James.Read More

Randall Himes

Randall Himes has battled cancer for nearly two decades, but when he was referred to a clinical trial at the OSUCCC – James, a new oral therapy stopped his leukemia.Read More

Robert Bowen

When Robert Bowen went in for a routine colon cancer screening in February 2013, the last thing he expected was to receive a leukemia diagnosis.Read More

Wally Yocum

A successful clinical trial experience has kept Wally Yocum’s CLL at bay. Now he speaks openly to others about his experience and encourages everyone to participate in clinical trials.Read More

Breast Cancer

Gerri Speer

When Gerri Speer learned she had triple negative breast cancer, she conducted a nationwide search to find the best treatment – and decided on the OSUCCC – James. Read More

Linda Craig

Linda Craig entered a clinical trial for breast cancer at the OSUCCC – James for personal reasons. She has two grown daughters and knows her participation could one day help them.Read More

Tracy Palmer

Sharing is what Tracy Palmer is about, from bringing her children to chemotherapy sessions to ease their minds to enrolling in not one, but five, clinical trials at the OSUCCC – James.Read More


Jim Bicak

Jim Bicak is a very active guy, so when he began feeling feverish and tired all the time, he knew something wasn’t right. Read More

Gynecologic Cancer

Laura Dixon

Cancer has been an undeniable presence in Laura Dixon’s personal life for 20 years. Her first cancer diagnosis came in 1996 at age 28: colon cancer.Read More

Genitourinary Cancer

Ronald Staab Jr.

Ronald Staab Jr. of Westerville, Ohio, can’t say with certainty whether participating in a clinical trial after his kidney cancer treatment will have lasting benefit, but so far so good.Read More


Robyn Stacy-Humphries

Robyn Stacy-Humphries joined an OSUCCC – James CAR T clinical trial in 2015 and is currently in remission for diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.Read More

Steve Fulkert

After joining a CAR-T clinical trial at the OSUCCC – James, Steve Fulkert's B-cell lymphoma is in remission and he "feels wonderful."Read More

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