There is no routine cancer. Every patient’s cancer is different, with different, individually unique genes and molecules driving that person’s specific disease.

Precision medicine enables the OSUCCC – James cancer experts to approach detection, diagnosis and treatment in an in-depth way in order to determine how a particular cancer develops, grows and spreads. Armed with this information, these world-renowned specialists and subspecialists can then specifically address that particular cancer precisely – and at the molecular level.

Previously, cancer treatment was based on where cancer was located, such as the breast, the lung, the prostate, the brain, etc. Precision medicine, however, changes the way cancers are diagnosed and treated because it zeroes in on the genetic and molecular level – targeting and comprehensively analyzing specific cancer cells.

Even just a few years ago, that process would have taken years to complete. Now, the internationally recognized OSUCCC – James cancer specialists can hone in on the disease precisely – right away.

At the OSUCCC – James, our cancer specialists are world-renowned cancer experts who focus solely on a specific kind of cancer and who reach across medical disciplines (oncologists, surgeons, radiologists, pharmacists and more) to design the very best treatment plan and therapies to target each patient’s specific disease.

In fact, our unique Multidisciplinary Cancer Clinics – designed for each specific kind of cancer – offer all newly diagnosed patients an on-site, thorough evaluation and treatment-options review with experts from medical oncology, surgical oncology, radiation oncology, and more – all on the same day – so that together, the patient and the specialists can decide on the best personalized treatment options.

Additionally, patients have access to advanced treatment procedures performed only at the OSUCCC – James by internationally recognized cancer experts.

And by offering access to some of the country’s most advanced clinical trials right here at the OSUCCC – James, patients know that additional options, when needed, are often available for their treatment and care.

If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, would like a second opinion or would like to speak with a cancer specialist, please call The James Line at 800-293-5066 or 614-293-5066 to make an appointment.

The James Cancer-Free World Podcast

In the premiere episode of The James Cancer-Free World Podcast, we talk with a cancer detective: Sameek Roychowdhury, MD, PhD. He explains how breakthroughs in genetic coding now allow doctors to detect and target the mutations causing a patient’s cancer… and in many cases bring patients back from the brink.

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