The OSUCCC – James must receive the proceeds from your event/initiative no later than eight weeks from the conclusion of the event/initiative. Read the submission guidelines below.

Donation Submissions

  • If you have collected checks made out to the OSUCCC – James, these must be received within four weeks of the date on the check.
  • Please make your donation check out to the identified beneficiary (e.g., the Spielman Fund, the OSUCCC – James)
  • Cash and credit cards must accompany a donation transaction form.
  • Each gift must include the value of any goods and services received as a benefit (cost/value of a ticket or meal, cost of golf, etc.). In addition, the fair market value of those goods and services must be communicated to the donor prior to their making a donation, and prior to their purchasing or registering for an event. Only gifts above the goods and services value are considered charitable.
  • The OSUCCC – James will credit/receipt whoever issues the check to the OSUCCC – James.
    • If donations are deposited in an event/initiative bank account and subsequently donated in a single sum to the OSUCCC – James, only the individual/organization whose name appears on the check will receive credit. Your event/initiative donors contributing in this circumstance should be made aware that their gift will not be acknowledged as a contribution to the OSUCCC – James. Extraordinary exceptions may be requested and require prior approval of the development office.
    • If event/initiative donors would like to receive a tax receipt and/or credit from Ohio State, please have the individual donors make their checks out to the identified beneficiary (e.g., the Spielman Fund, the OSUCCC – James).
    • If the registration fees/donations need to pay for expenses from the event/initiative, and the event/initiative organizer does not need to receive a tax receipt or Ohio State University credit for the donation but wants the individual donors to receive the credit, one of the following must be done:
      • The donor should make two payments, one to the event/initiative to cover the expenses and one as a charitable donation to the OSUCCC – James.
      • The donor should make the payment to the event/initiative organizer. The event/initiative organizer then must track, photocopy and submit all copies of check payments or cash/credit card forms and submit one check from the event/initiative account with the above-mentioned documents attached. In addition, goods and services must be disclosed and the documents need to reconcile. The OSUCCC – James cannot assume who receives a tax receipt or Ohio State University credit if the donation does not match the attached documentation.

For more information, please call the development office at 614-293-4927 or email us at

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