Before your Event

The OSUCCC – James development office and marketing department must approve all Community Partner activities involving the OSUCCC – James, its funds and any corporation/organization or donor.

Partnership Guidelines

As a general rule, fundraising activities approved by the OSUCCC – James should:

  • Have as the primary goal the promotion of a health care – related cause
  • Promote a product and/or service that is beneficial to the consumer
  • Support the mission and values of the OSUCCC – James
  • Adhere to OSUCCC – James branding identity and standards
  • Have a positive impact on the OSUCCC – James reputation
  • Generate sufficient revenue to justify the commitment of the OSUCCC – James resources

The OSUCCC – James reserves the right to deny any request for a special event/fundraising initiative that does not appropriately reflect the mission and values of the OSUCCC – James or a positive image of the OSUCCC – James.

Representatives of the OSUCCC – James may not approve a cause-related marketing relationship if:

  • The event/initiative also benefits other organizations that compete or conflict with our missions and values.
  • The event/initiative would potentially conflict with existing OSUCCC – James philanthropic relationships.
  • The event/initiative would conflict with a marketing or public relations campaign.
  • Entering into a relationship constitutes a real or perceived conflict of interest for the OSUCCC – James (for example, events/initiatives involving telemarketing or door-to-door solicitation).
  • The event/initiative asks for the use of names and/or stories of the OSUCCC – James patients for use in promotion.
  • The events/initiatives fail to comply with any municipal, county, state and/or federal law.
  • The events/initiatives involve promotion of a political party or candidate or appear to endorse a political issue.
  • The event/initiative would require any source of funding from the OSUCCC – James.

Exceptions to the foregoing may be granted on a case-by-case basis under consideration of extraordinary circumstances.

The OSUCCC – James reserves the right to terminate any Community Partners relationship at any time.

Additional Guidelines

Other Beneficiaries and Partners

— The OSUCCC – James must be notified in advance if another organization will also benefit from this event/initiative, or if any other organization will participate in the fundraising activity.

Tax ID

The OSUCCC – James is not able to provide its foundation tax ID number to any Community Partners planning events/initiatives to benefit the OSUCCC – James. In addition, please do not represent to the public that your event/initiative benefits from any tax-exempt rights or privileges as a result of your relationship with the OSUCCC – James. However, the OSUCCC – James can provide you with a letter of intent, confirming to any potential sponsors or donors that we are aware of your event/initiative and that the proceeds will be supporting the OSUCCC – James.

Product Approval

If a product is being sold or distributed for the benefit of the OSUCCC – James or its funds, a sample of the product is required for approval by the development office and marketing department. If using an Ohio State logo or trademarked identity, these items must have approval from Ohio State’s Office of Trademark and Licensing before production. Please submit the product at least four weeks prior to production for approval. Please note that not all philanthropic initiatives will be approved to use Ohio State trademarks. For more information, contact Ohio State’s Office of Trademark and Licensing at 614-292-1562.

Services Approval

If a service is being marketed to consumers and a donation is made to the OSUCCC – James as a result, approval from the OSUCCC – James development office and marketing department must be obtained at least four weeks prior to promotion of the initiative.


The arrangements made between the OSUCCC – James and you or your organization create no exclusive rights with this event/initiative because the OSUCCC – James may be the recipient of funds from its participation in other similar events/initiatives.


The OSUCCC – James cannot be involved in any manner with permits that include the use of our name and like permits for serving alcohol at your event.


The OSUCCC – James is not liable for any injuries sustained by event coordinators, volunteers or participants related to an event/initiative benefiting the OSUCCC – James, and cannot assume liability for your event. Obtaining proper liability coverage is the responsibility of the Community Partner.

Marketing and Promotion

The Community Partner is responsible for the marketing and promoting of the event/initiative including media, press releases, posters, fliers and advertising.

All materials and publicity must be approved by the OSUCCC – James marketing department prior to printing or production. This includes any commercial scripts/art, press releases, posters, fliers, web pages, and postings and advertising.

Marketing Plan

If the Community Partner is implementing a marketing and publicity plan around an event or initiative, a plan outlining how all the OSUCCC – James branding, logos and marks will be used must be submitted four weeks in advance.


Publicity may not suggest that the event/initiative is being sponsored, co-sponsored or produced by the OSUCCC – James, but must clearly state that the OSUCCC – James is the beneficiary. The corporation/organization must clearly disclose in all promotional materials that proceeds from the promotion will benefit the OSUCCC – James, as stipulated by the development and marketing offices. Per Ohio law, all promotional materials should disclose the exact amount benefiting the OSUCCC – James. This is also done to help ensure all references to the OSUCCC – James are in compliance with our branding standards, as well as meeting regulatory guidelines, thus providing a transparent view of the relationship to the public.

Logo/Photo/Mark Use

Logo use is not permitted without approval from the OSUCCC – James marketing department. In order to use logos, photos or marks of the OSUCCC – James or its related funds, we require:

  • A minimum donation of $10,000 regardless of sales. Special considerations for the OSUCCC – James or fund logo use may be made for higher-profile relationships or relationships that utilize $10,000 or more in promotion of the event, products or services.
  • All use of OSUCCC – James logos, photos, names and marks must be approved prior to use through the marketing department. This use will only be approved for use by a third party for a specific amount of time and for a specific purpose, unless otherwise agreed. We will provide the proper line listing for use in any promotions for cause-related marketing donations under the $10,000 threshold.


The OSUCCC – James cannot endorse any product and/or service, and may require a corporation/organization to include language stating this in any promotion.

Access to Employees & Patients

To maintain patient, donor and employee confidentiality, the OSUCCC – James cannot provide any internal mailing/donor lists to a third-party corporation/organization and is unable to mail information on behalf of the event/initiative.

Event/Initiative Promotion Within The Ohio State University

The OSUCCC – James can often assist in promoting your event/initiative through selected internal communications opportunities to OSUCCC – James faculty and staff, depending on your Level of Support. However, placement cannot be guaranteed. If you would like your event/initiative information submitted to these publications, a press release or an event fact sheet is required four weeks prior to your event/initiative.

References to the OSUCCC – James

When referencing the OSUCCC – James, please follow the naming reference guidelines below.

Naming guidelines:

  • First Reference: The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center – Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute (OSUCCC – James)
  • Second Reference: Ohio State’s Comprehensive Cancer Center – James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute
  • Third Reference: the OSUCCC – James

References to the Spielman Fund

When referencing the Stefanie Spielman Fund for Breast Cancer Research or the Stefanie Spielman Patient Assistance Fund at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center – Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute, please follow the naming guidelines below.

Naming guidelines:

  • First Reference: the Stefanie Spielman Fund for Breast Cancer Research at The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center – Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute (OSUCCC – James)
  • Second Reference: the Stefanie Spielman Fund for Breast Cancer Research
  • Third Reference: the Spielman Fund

Community Partner Social Media Guidelines

The OSUCCC – James Community Partner events/initiatives raising $10,000 or more are entitled to social media support from the OSUCCC – James. Social media support will be provided at the sole discretion of the OSUCCC – James and may include, but is not limited to, support on the following networks:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • OSUCCC – James Blog

Community Partners are encouraged to provide the OSUCCC – James with key message points, photos, graphics, videos, etc. to aid in creating content for social media use. If content is not provided by the Community Partner, the OSUCCC – James reserves the right to create graphics for social media promotion if needed.

In addition, Community Partners are encouraged to send the OSUCCC – James links to social profiles they manage for their event/initiative to be tagged, shared, etc. from OSUCCC – James accounts. Furthermore, those Community Partners who tag the OSUCCC – James social networks in their posts will benefit from additional exposure.

See below for a complete list of OSUCCC – James managed networks:

Best Practices for Using Social Media for Your Event/Initiative

Identify Most Appropriate Networks

Not all social networks are created equally. Some may be more effective for your event/initiative than others, and this is largely dependent upon your audience. Take a moment to identify your target audiences and on which networks they are most likely to be active. Reference Pew Internet research to identify demographics associated with popular social networks.

Develop & Use a Unique Hashtag

A hashtag unique to your event/initiative will allow social media users to see conversations regarding your event/initiative in one, easy glance. It will also allow them to see an entire collection of information about your event/initiative as opposed to conversations generated only by your brand/page. Hashtags should, ideally, be fewer than 12 characters and, most important, unique to your event/initiative. To check whether your proposed hashtag is unique, visit and search for your hashtag.

Leverage Online Influencers

Identify and reach out to social media users influential in the industry or influential on your topic of interest. Offer these influential users something “exclusive” in order to entice them to share your messaging and cause. For example, if you are hosting a 5k race to benefit the Stefanie Spielman Fund for Breast Cancer Research, offer online influencers free registration, as well as an exclusive meet and greet with event chairs at the finish line.

Five Easy Ways to Support the OSUCCC – James on Social Media

1. Use #TheJames

Hashtags are supported on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube and Instagram. Use one in your posts or as a search term to follow and join in on the conversation.

2. Show Your Pride

Edit your social media profiles to indicate that you work at The James. On LinkedIn, edit your job experience. On Facebook, add us to your “about” section. On Twitter, update your bio to say you work for the OSUCCC – James.

3. Engage With Us

Like, comment, share, retweet, favorite, repin, etc. Share updates by the OSUCCC – James on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube and Pinterest with your friends and followers.

4. Subscribe for Updates

The new OSUCCC – James Blog shares information about treatment, research and giving back (among other things). Share these blog posts on your social networks to inform others.

5. Spread the Word

Tell patients, colleagues, family and friends to connect with the OSUCCC – James on social media.

For more information, please call the development office at 614-293-4927 or email us at

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