Community Partner Initiative Information Form

Fill out the participation form below, and a member of our development team will get in touch with you.

By filling out the form, the outside individual/organization agrees to:

  • comply with the Community Partners Guidelines;
  • adhere to OSUCCC – James branding identity and standards and include language deemed necessary by representatives of OSUCCC – James in all promotions;
  • positively represent the OSUCCC – James reputation;
  • obtain approval from OSUCCC – James in appropriate time frames of all relevant products/services, promotions, marketing and advertisement of products/services; and

In addition, the OSUCCC – James agrees to:

  • assist with promoting the promotion through internal resources, as appropriate; 
  • provide appropriate donor recognition;
  • provide necessary language for promotional materials; and
  • provide logos and artwork as appropriate.

OSUCCC – James and the individual/organization reserve the right to terminate any Community Partner relationship at any time.

Outside individual/organization will be solely responsible for any tax obligations that may arise in connection with its event/initiative activities or sale of its products or services.

Outside individual/organization agrees to indemnify OSUCCC – James, Wexner Medical Center, The Ohio State University and their boards, officers and employees for the costs of any claims, lawsuits, judgments, settlements or losses of any kind that may arise out of the business practices of individual/organization events/initiatives or its products or services.

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