Discuss with your Coaches, Boosters and School Officials

The first step to any successful fundraising event is approval and support from all levels of your organization. Whether you are a coach/director, booster member, or school administrator, be sure to include all parties to the discussion early on. Those initial conversations can help avoid any potential concerns or conflicts further down the planning process. These early conversations may also lead to additional collaboration between other groups or teams at the school, and can help turn your ideas into an even bigger fundraising opportunity.

Determine Your Event Opportunity

Depending on the level of interest and collaboration from your organization, the next step is to determine the best time, date, location and participants for your fundraising event. In most cases, your event will be coordinated around a particular game/event day. Be sure to consider other games/events that may be happening at or near the same time, as well as other fundraising events that may overlap your chosen date.

Confirm and Schedule Your Event with the Spielman Sports Team

Once a specific event date and time has been established, contact your Spielman Sports representative to confirm and complete the process to officially schedule your event. At this time, your event will be added to the Spielman Sports website, which can help jumpstart your fundraising efforts.

Promote & Market your Event at School, Home and in the Community

The marketing and promotion of your event is very important, but it doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. Engage your student body to share event details with their families, relatives and employers, as well as their extended social networks. Encourage those at school and in the community with cancer survivors in their families to get involved and share their stories. Ask local media outlets and community organizations to share event details, and/or get involved via donations or sponsorships.

Spielman Sports representatives at The OSUCCC – James can also connect you with resources to purchase branded materials at low cost to use for fundraising opportunities. T-shirts, hats, socks, headbands, and many other promotional items are available, many of which can be customized to your specific event.

Have an Incredible “Game Day” Experience

Have fun! Encourage all involved to show their team pride as well as their support of breast cancer research. Take time to acknowledge all those who have been affected by cancer and celebrate the survivors that you more commonly call sister, mother, grandmother or friend.

Split the Proceeds 50/50, and Start Planning Your Next Event!

Together we will win, and together we will benefit! Your hard work and effort not only provides critical funding to the Stefanie Spielman Fund, but also to your school or booster program. 50% of your proceeds can go to things like new equipment, uniforms, supplies and scholarships, directly benefiting your student body.

The next step? Start planning another Spielman Sports event, and let’s win together again.

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