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Who can be a member of Team Buckeye?

Team Buckeye peloton members include riders, virtual riders and volunteers participating in Pelotonia who are students, faculty, staff and alumni of The Ohio State University and their family and friends. A peloton affiliated with Team Buckeye must originate in an Ohio State department, college, unit, student organization, alumni club or society.

Am I automatically a member of Team Buckeye after I register for Pelotonia?

No. After you register as a rider, virtual rider or volunteer in Pelotonia, you must join a peloton that is affiliated with Team Buckeye. A current list of all Team Buckeye pelotons can be found by searching for “Team Buckeye” or “BSR” (Team Buckeye Student Riders) on the Pelotonia website. ( Contact the appropriate team captain and ask to become a member of their team. If you need help finding a peloton to join, please contact us. Once you’ve joined a Team Buckeye-affiliated peloton, you’re part of Team Buckeye. If you created a new peloton, and want to join Team Buckeye, you’ll need to contact us.

How do I create a peloton?

It’s easy! A peloton consists of five or more individuals who are registered for Pelotonia as a rider, volunteer or virtual rider. A designated Team Captain signs in to his/her rider profile page and clicks on "Manage My Profile / Create a Peloton". The Team Captain follows the prompts to name the peloton, add members, add pictures and create a profile page for the peloton.

Student pelotons – Ohio State students may create a peloton which represents their dorm, fraternity, sorority, student organization, or simply pull together a group of interested friends who wish to participate in Pelotonia. Pelotons created by Ohio State students must include the prefix "BSR” in the peloton name (example: BSR – Greekstrong; BSR – College of Veterinary Medicine) and all riders on a BSR peloton must be currently enrolled (part-time or full-time) as undergraduate, graduate or professional students.

Faculty / Staff pelotons – Ohio State faculty, staff and alumni may create a peloton which represents their department, college, unit, alumni club or society etc.  All of these pelotons start with the prefix “Team Buckeye” followed by the team name (example: Team Buckeye – Bikers for Brutus; Team Buckeye – Fisher College). Once the peloton is created family and friends are welcome to join and participate as members of Team Buckeye. 

If I create a peloton, is it automatically a part of Team Buckeye after the team is activated?

NO. After you activate your peloton, please send an email to Team Buckeye and ask to be included as a part of Team Buckeye. Simply put, Team Buckeye is an umbrella organization that includes all teams formed at Ohio State. Every team needs to be added to Team Buckeye after it is activated. Please note that a peloton affiliated with Team Buckeye must originate in a department, college, unit, alumni club or society or student organization that is a part of The Ohio State University.

Why should my peloton join Team Buckeye?

Registering your peloton under Team Buckeye provides a variety of useful resources and tools uniquely designed for Ohio State’s team members. As the beneficiary of all funds raised through Pelotonia, we want to show the larger community that Ohio State is doing its part to support this initiative. Every Buckeye counts!

Can a Volunteer or Virtual Rider be a member of Team Buckeye Student Riders?

Yes! Individuals who register for Pelotonia as volunteers or virtual riders are strongly encouraged to join Team Buckeye and connect with a Team Buckeye or BSR peloton. During registration, you will have the opportunity to join a peloton.  Open the drop box and scroll through the list of pelotons and find teams that begin with the prefix BSR - (Team Buckeye Student Rider) or Team Buckeye – (Faculty / Staff / Alumni teams). Select the peloton name desired and an email will be sent to the Team Captain advising that a new member would like to join the peloton. You are officially a member of a peloton when you see the peloton name listed on your Pelotonia profile page. If you need assistance joining a peloton, please email

Is there a peloton for Ohio State students?

Yes! Team Buckeye Student Riders (BSR) is the official student organization at The Ohio State University representing all Ohio State students who participate in Pelotonia as riders, virtual riders or volunteers. Team Buckeye Student Rider pelotons are easily identified by the prefix BSR and represent various colleges and student organizations at Ohio State. Team Buckeye Student Riders have guidelines identical to any non-student rider with the exception of reduced fundraising commitment levels. Please see the Team Buckeye Student Rider page for complete details.

May student employees from our department participate in the department peloton?

Students may join department or unit pelotons but they forfeit the reduced student fundraising commitment levels in doing so. It is to their advantage to join the Team Buckeye Student Riders to maintain the reduced fundraising commitment levels. Students can always train with their department friends as well as ride with them during Pelotonia.

I’m riding 25 miles in Pelotonia and the BSR fundraising commitment level is $750. However, my Pelotonia profile page indicates my commitment level is $1250. Is this correct?

No! The Pelotonia website does not show the lower discounted fundraising commitment level uniquely reserved for Ohio State students and will always show the higher, non-student commitment level. Once enrollment status is confirmed the lower fundraising commitment level is assigned to the BSR rider.  If you have a question or concern about your BSR registration, please send an email to

How is BSR eligibility determined?

Prior to the Pelotonia weekend, a list of BSR members is sent to the Registrar’s Office to confirm enrollment status. BSR members (riders) must be currently enrolled as a part-time or full-time undergraduate, graduate or professional student at Ohio State. Students who graduate in December or May are eligible to ride in Pelotonia the summer immediately following graduation. Students who are determined to be ineligible will be moved to a non-student peloton and will be responsible for the non-student fundraising commitment level associated with their ride distance.

How do I get a Team Buckeye Jersey?

Team Buckeye jerseys are provided free of charge to all Team Buckeye riders participating in Pelotonia and will be distributed within two weeks of Pelotonia. Specific details about jersey distribution will be communicated via email and on Team Buckeye social media.

I’m a virtual rider for Team Buckeye. Do I get a Team Buckeye cycling jersey as well?

Not automatically. Virtual riders who raise a minimum of $750 will receive a complimentary Team Buckeye jersey after fundraising closes. In addition, any jerseys that are not distributed to riders or virtual riders will be sold for a modest price to raise additional funds for Team Buckeye.

Is there a fundraising minimum for virtual riders or volunteers?

Virtual Riders are individuals who choose to participate in Pelotonia by fundraising instead of riding or volunteering. There is a minimum fundraising commitment of $100 for Virtual Riders and we do retain a credit card number that will be charged if the commitment is not met by the fundraising deadline. Virtual Riders who stretch past their commitment and raise $500 or more will enjoy incentive perks from both Pelotonia and Team Buckeye depending on the amount raised.

There is no fundraising requirement for Volunteers but fundraising is certainly encouraged. Just think, if every volunteer raises just $100, we can donate another $300,000 more toward life-saving cancer research. Volunteers can create a profile, share stories and use all of the same fundraising tools as Riders and Virtual Riders.

I don’t have a bicycle, but I’d like to ride. Can I rent a bicycle for Pelotonia?

Yes! Team Buckeye’s Bike Lease program provides registered Team Buckeye members with a road bicycle, helmet, and lock so they can train for and ride in Pelotonia. Bicycles are leased from the date of bike pick up through the Pelotonia ride weekend for a flat lease fee of $200, regardless of pick up date. To learn more about the Team Buckeye Bike Lease program please contact

What’s an easy way for me to raise money for my commitment level?

Handwritten notes and emails sent to family and friends is by far the best way to secure donations to support your Pelotonia ride and fundraising commitment and Pelotonia's website provides lots of helpful fundraising information. Additionally, Team Buckeye offers a great raffle with unique prizes and experiences that any Team Buckeye member can use to supplement their Pelotonia fundraising efforts. To participate, simply pick up the free tickets at the Team Buckeye office and sell them to family and friends. 100% of the proceeds from  every ticket you sell will be directed to your fundraising commitment for Pelotonia. To learn more about the raffle program, please contact and look for updates on the Team Buckeye website or Facebook page.

Can I sell food in the hospital or around the Wexner Medical Center or The James?

In order to maintain a safe and compliant healthcare environment, the sale of homemade food to guests and visitors, or food preparation in the hospital, is not allowed.

Do gifts to Pelotonia count for Ohio State's Campus Campaign?

Yes, all gifts made by Ohio State employees in support of Pelotonia riders or general gifts made to Pelotonia between July 1, 2018 and April 15, 2019 count toward Campus Campaign participation totals calculated in April 2018. Pelotonia is part of The Ohio State University Foundation. For additional information about Campus Campaign gifts and Pelotonia, please visit Campus Campaign.

Do gifts to Pelotonia count for President’s Club eligibility?

Yes, all gifts made by Ohio State employees in support of Pelotonia riders or general gifts made to Pelotonia count toward President's Club eligibility. Pelotonia is part of the The Ohio State University Foundation. For additional information about President's Club gifts and Pelotonia, please contact Cheryl Sefchick, Director, President's Club Services, at 614-292-5780 or

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Whether you ride, virtually ride or volunteer, we want your Team Buckeye experience in Pelotonia to be inspiring and successful.