How to Join Team Buckeye

Every rider in Pelotonia must pay a registration fee and commit to raising a certain minimum amount of funds for the cause.

All Team Buckeye members can register for Pelotonia 17 by going to the Pelotonia website and then select the appropriate link for Rider, Virtual Rider or Volunteer.

If you're a student at Ohio State, be sure to join Pelotonia as a Team Buckeye Student Rider. As a TBSR member, your fundraising commitment level is greatly reduced based on the ride distance selected. During registration, all BSR members must include OSU STUDENT in the occupation field to ensure they are connected to a student peloton. BSR members riding in Pelotonia must join a BSR peloton to maintain the reduced fundraising commitment levels.

What is a Virtual Rider?

You don't have to be on a bicycle to be a part of this amazing community. You can register as a Virtual Rider and fundraise to support cancer research at the OSUCCC - James. For more information, visit Pelotonia's Virtual Rider webpage


Pelotonia simply doesn't happen without an outstanding group of volunteers. There are many ways in which our volunteers make the event happen - and for you to get involved. To learn more information and see a list of volunteer opportunities across the Pelotonia 17 weekend, check out the Pelotonia Volunteer Info page  then sign up as a Pelotonia Volunteer

How do I find a peloton?

Part of registering for Pelotonia includes choosing a peloton to join. Everyone registered for Pelotonia can join a peloton and there are many advantages to being connected to a team. Team Buckeye is a super-peloton, a larger team made up of numerous OSU-related pelotons. When you register to ride, or participate as a volunteer or virtual rider, you have the opportunity to join a Team Buckeye peloton.

To join a peloton, the individual logs into their profile page at and selects “Manage My Peloton / Join a Peloton” and scrolls through the list of pelotons which include the prefix “Team Buckeye” (non-student participants) or “BSR” (student participants). Select the peloton name desired and an email will be sent to the Team Captain advising that a new member would like to join the peloton. You are officially a member of a peloton when you see the peloton name listed on your Pelotonia profile page. If you need assistance joining a Team Buckeye peloton, please email

If a peloton you want to join isn’t listed or you need help finding a peloton, please email Joining a peloton is to your advantage and can be a great motivator for training and raising funds. You can only be a member of one peloton. Learn more about pelotons on the Pelotonia website.

How do I create a peloton?

A peloton must have at least five total members including riders, virtual riders, or volunteers before it can officially be formed. To create a new peloton, you’ll need to identify one member as the peloton’s Team Captain. Once registered with Pelotonia, the Team Captain will log into their profile and click “Manage My Peloton: Create a Peloton” to get started. Remember that all non-student peloton names must start with the prefix “Team Buckeye – “ and Team Buckeye Student Rider peloton names must start with the prefix “BSR – “.

The Team Captain is responsible for administrative responsibilities and is the only person authorized to communicate with Pelotonia on behalf of the Peloton. View the Peloton Guidelines.

How do I reactivate an existing peloton?

Pelotons that have previously participated in Pelotonia can be reactivated once a total of five individuals are registered as a rider, virtual rider or volunteer for the current year. The Team Captain will login to their profile page and select “Manage My Peloton: Reactivate My Peloton” and follow the prompts as directed. Once the peloton is reactivated, contact to be connected to Team Buckeye.

Please note! If you are stepping up to be a new Team Captain for a previously existing peloton, please email so we can change the name of the team captain in the system. The “Reactivate My Peloton” prompt on a profile page is only visible to the team captain of record so if you are a new captain, we need to change the record in order for your peloton to be reactivated.

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Whether you ride, virtually ride or volunteer, we want your Team Buckeye experience in Pelotonia to be inspiring and successful.